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What would be the best way to fix the page?

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Make Nightmare Fuel into an index or disambiguation page. Make Accidental Nightmare Fuel and High Octane Nightmare Fuel separate pages there.

If kept in any form, should not be given a fake red-link like This Troper.

Give it a blue back ground like the YMMV pages.


Should we merge Accidental Nightmare Fuel and High Octane Nightmare Fuel?

Alternative to Disambiguation/Index page. Cut plain Nightmare Fuel all together and force everyone to use either Accidental Nightmare Fuel or High Octane Nightmare Fuel.

Put the instructions for what to do on those pages in all red caps.


Rename High Octane Nightmare Fuel to Nightmare Fuel and make a redirect. Keep Accidental Nightmare Fuel as it is.

Duplicate. Ignore.

Move to Darth Wiki.

[added by mistake]

Ignore. Comment not a crowner option.

Should it be left alone besides for cleaning natter and bad formatting ?

Ignore. Not an option. Was ruled out in previous crowner.

Change High Octane Nightmare Fuel back to Nightmare Fuel Unleaded like it used to be, but make no further changes.

Should the pages be renamed?

Should signatures be required for new entries?


Move to Sugar Wiki

Rename Horror Tropes index to Nightmare Fuel then add Accidental Nightmare Fuel and High Octane Nightmare Fuel as separate pages on that index.

Should we cut the current examples?

Should entries be limited to things that are supposed to be scary?

Should the page become example-free?

Should entries be limited to one per troper per page?