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Page Action: Mohs Scale Of Science Fiction Hardness

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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Several tropers question whether the present categories correctly describe what science fiction fans mean when they discuss how "hard" or "soft" a given work of science fiction is.

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Shouldn't a Mohs scale run from 1 to 10?

Other than thinking that Futurology might want to be split into works falling into either side of Technology Marches On / I Want My Jetpack and works where the future tech is still realistic (or even actually came to pass) - They weren't wrong for scientific reasons, they just got their predictions of what technology would take and what wouldn't wrong, or the time scale wrong, I like the latest proposed scale.

Rewrite the page with new definitions and categories, but not as proposed (please discuss in the thread).

Leave the scale as-is, but move examples onto subpages.

Leave the scale as-is.