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Launch a trope for pedophiles who are not played for laughs except with Black Humor. This would be the basic Evil Pedophile trope. Article will be left locked to discourage flame bait and arguments. Discussion page may also be locked.

Clean up the current trope known as lolicon but otherwise leave it alone.

Make an analysis redirect for lolicon describing the lolicon industry or make it a Useful Notes page.

Launch a trope for 'Loli' (title to be determined) to describe the underaged character in general, most likely as a supertrope for other tropes such as Token Loli and Little Miss Snarker. Article is likely to be left locked.

Make the current page an example free Useful Notes page.

Redefine lolicon to be about a pedophile character played for laughs and as ultimately harmless though still creepy.