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Swap redirect with From a Certain Point of View.


  • The Jedi weren't at all known for this trope—there was just one famous incident
  • It keeps Star Wars as the troper namer
  • It doesn't require any knowledge of Star Wars to understand


  • Jedi Truth is easier to use in a sentence
  • The qualifier on "Truth" is enough to indicate what the trope is even for someone unfamiliar with "Jedi"
  • Star Wars has enough cultural penetration that the reference will not be lost on many people
  • The trope has been around for some time and has 100+ wicks
  • From a Certain Point of View is also an obscure in-reference

If renamed, rewrite description as an Example as a Thesis. Something along the lines of "This trope is actually (insert other trope here). Actually it isn't really, but it is that trope, From a Certain Point of View".