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At issue:

This article suffers from a number of issues:

  • It's a cultural variant of I Will Protect Her that is less distinct than other variations of that trope.
  • It's a dialog-based title which violates naming conventions.
  • The trope being expressed is a universal one: that of a character swearing to protect another character as a life goal. The reasons for said protection are sub-concepts — in this case, romantic attraction.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Merge I Will Definitely Protect You and I Will Protect Her. Rename the merged trope to remove the dialog-based title. Add notes on cultural variants to the description.

Redefine I Will Definitely Protect You to be a separate trope wherein the declaration of protection acts as a Relationship Upgrade in and of itself, akin to a marriage proposal. Rename the resulting trope.

Make I Will Definitely Protect You a Japanese culture-specific trope. Remove all examples that don't fit this specific pattern, and rename it to distinguish it from I Will Protect Her.