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Note: (vote this up): It is understood that the voted action will apply to Ho Yay, Foe Yay, and Incest Yay together, as their titles and definition precisely follow the same logic, and they have the same issues.

Split the intentional-objective and the unintentional-YMMV usages from each other (as it is precedented by the difference between the Innocent Innuendo and Accidental Innuendo pages). Which, if either, variation should keep the current name will be decided by a later crowner.

Leave as is. With no clear line between subjective and objective the trope should remain as a single YMMV page.


I'm kinda new here and I'm a bit curious what happened to Les Yay page? Each time I click on the link it takes me to "Ho Yay"

Nuke the examples and make the page definition-only.

Redefine these tropes, keeping the intentional Fanservice subtext usage. Discard the idea of having YMMV pages about the subjective-audience reaction-shipping interpretation.

Redefine these tropes, keeping the subjective-audience reaction-shipping interpretation. Discard the idea of having objective tropes about these forms of subtext.