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At issue:

It has been suggested that there are three tropes inside of this one namely:

  1. A power based around the user's imagination. If they can think of it, they can make it. The original Green Lantern Ring falls under this definition as an artifact that allows the creation of energy constructs and is as flexible as the user's imagination.
  2. A power that has a wide range of applications that are explored to a great extent. For example, the ability to create electricity being used to make lightning, a railgun, manipulate magnetism, heat up non conducting items and more.
  3. A power that that is loosely defined and thus capable of a great deal of stretching what it is capable of. An example would be a hypothetical power of 'Pushing' being used to 'push' people at massive speed in order to fake teleportation, to push concepts or to push away attacks.

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Split Green Lantern Ring into three as noted above.

Do nothing.

Split Green Lantern Ring into types one and three under the basis that type two sounds like Inverse Law of Complexity to Power.