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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

Even The Wombats Want Him was launched from YKTTW with a poor title and has a confusing definition, with some examples being of the "leg humping" variety and some being of unrequited romantic attraction between an animal and a human. In neither case does the trope have anything to do with the character being abnormally attractive to animals in general.

What would be the best way to correct it?

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Send it back to YKTTW to tighten the definition and pick a new name.

Split the trope into the leg-humping and romantic attraction variants. Pick new names for each of those.

Rework the description & name here, at TRS.

Rename: The definition is fine, it just needs a new name.

Cut the article: It is not a properly defined trope.

Do nothing: The trope is fine as-is.