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And now I stand proudly in the one place I never meant to be.

The sun descended and brought dusk, as it always has, as if nothing of note had happened.

"You sure took your time getting back, didn't you?"

"You're not getting rid of me that easily."

And no one ate dinner that night.

But for what?

In the corner of my eye, something moved.

She heard laughter like wind chimes in the breeze and smiled.

We locked eyes and she grinned. "Race you there."

I locked the door, threw away the key, and crossed my fingers, hoping that it would be enough.

The tip of the cat's tail disappeared as it went around the corner.

And with that, he sank beneath the waves.

The sounds of the conversation gradually faded away as the two of them strolled into the night.

What a beautiful world, isn't it?

And they all lived happily ever after.

The raging beast had come to it's decision, and at that it turned around to thank the world, as it had been enlightened, and for that the continued existence of humanity must be grateful.

The noose moved slightly as the chair beneath it was knocked down.