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Change the definition of Complete Monster according to objective criteria as discussed here, namely

Ignore this.

Emphasize that Complete Monster is a character who is so evil that nothing you say, do, or think will ever help them.

Someone who could kill a sixteen year-old girl and laugh while doing it...very slowly.

The character is not necessarily hated by the viewer. One of this troper's in-progress books involves a group of five contract killers, one of whom isn't just a complete monster, but insanity incarnate. And she's one of the protagonists.

Emphasize that Complete Monster - as a character who is so horrendous that he is absolutely loathed by the viewer - is a subjective trope and have each example signed.

Change Complete Monster to base it on authorial intent*

*Although how one would gage this apart from direct Word of God is somewhat confusing

Emphasize that Complete Monster is exclusively about completely monstrous, completely hated characters and prune all examples that don't fit.