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What would be the best way to fix the page?

At issue:

As discussed in this thread, there is a problem with the Badass trope. This crowner is about sorting out the trope's definition.

Note 1: This is about the main Badass page. Pages with "badass" in the title are out of scope of this vote.

Note 2: Regardless of the vote result, all other definitions won't be lost to the sands of time they may be optionally YKTTW'd, and their fate shall be decided in YKTTW.

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This issue has been resolved and voting is closed.

Turn Badass into an example-less Fan Speak page, explaining the most common uses of the word (a la what's done to Mary Sue).

Redefine Badass as a combination of traits: "A character who is brave enough to face danger and strong/skilled/tough enough to handle it, whether mentally, physically or supernaturally (Last Stand, You Shall Not Pass, Suicide Mission etc. count as 'handling it'). Anyone that would win a Darwin Award does not count, and simply being "cool" or "manly" is not enough to qualify. A Badass doesn't always have to win. To the contrary, there are many Badasses who lose. The point is, how they do it."

Turn Badass into a disambig.

Redefine Badass as "Character who's tough and resilient, who stays strong despite pain and hazards due to strong willpower".

Redefine Badass as "Character who constantly takes risks and prevails against unlikely odds". Sandbox link (second definition).

Keep the definition of Badass as "Character who does improbable stunts, Rule of Cool personified".

Redefine Badass as "Any competent warrior; from the best fighter in universe to just any trained fighter". Sandbox link (first definition).

Redefine Badass as "Character who is formidable: inspiring awe and respect in allies, and fear in enemies".

Redefine Badass as "One of the best and most competent warriors in a given setting".

Redefine Badass as "Character who's very brave, who got huge balls".

Cut Badass entirely.

Redefine Badass as "Character who is very powerful, almost overpowered".