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Image Pickin: Silk Hiding Steel

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This trope is about a female character who looks and acts like a Proper Lady but has a steel core personality.

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Fan and Dagger The Magic border will be cropped of course.

  • Pro: The most direct and obvious of the suggestions: A lady holding a fan in front of her face and a dagger behind her back.
  • Con: The outfit has an East Asian style but this trope does not explictly exclude Asians.

Lady and Dragon

Princess Zelda

  • Pro: Is wearing a princess gown, but also with armor attachments and a sword, and a cool, determined stare
  • Con: Might be confused with Lady of War.

Booby Trap

  • Pro: It has a literal 'silk dress hiding steel trap'
  • Con: The character is a sultry vixen instead of a Proper Lady

FlutterSilk and FlutterSteel

  • Pro: Demonstrates the two aspects of the trope
  • Con:
    • Double pic
    • Possiblly unclear

Lady and Dinosaur

  • Pro: 'mental aspect' by staring down a dinosaur
  • Con: Possible confusion with Fluffy Tamer or related tropes