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Suggestion for Clothing Appendage, Shark Tale, caption: "If that's supposed to be the jellyfish's head, why does it look like a hat?"

Suggestion for Earth Drift, from The Legend of Zelda Caption: Above: Link praying to Jesus.(1991) Below: People praying to Hyrule's Goddesses.(2002)

Suggestion for North Is Cold, South Is Hot, Game of Thrones. Caption: The Land of Always Winter to the North, the Dornish desert to the south.

Rage Within the Machine: Suggestion from unknown source

Frozen Fashion Sense: Suggestion from Queen of the Damned Caption: "It was all the rage during the 12th dynasty!"

Orchestral Bombing: Suggestion from Monster Hunter Caption: The bombastic orchestra with air sirens, and a living carpet bomber that plays it whenever it bombs you.

Still Wearing the Old Colors: Suggestion Caption: Alex (right) displaying his Red Planet past among a crew of deep space Belters.