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For Baa-Bomb: From Hearthstone DONE

For Monster.X Men: Selene. Suggested caption: "Find yourself some other prey. The Starchilde belongs to Selene!" DONE

For News Parody: From The Onion DONE

For Hauled Before A Senate Subcommittee: From Skyfall Suggested caption: "The British Defense Ministry works too." DONE

For Weather of War: From 300 DONE

For Homeworld Evacuation: From Titan A.E.. (taken from another thread) Started thread

For Medium Two-Shot: Smiths from The Matrix Reloaded Moved to its own thread


For Money, Dear Boy: From Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Suggested caption: "So, action, Gus?" "Jesus, Ben. I said I'm busy. Busy." Moved to its own thread

For Robots Enslaving Robots: From Judge Dredd 'Moved to its own thread