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Mail-Order Bride: Suggestion from internet. DONE

Matricide: Suggestion from Police News (late 1800s newspaper). DONE

Consuming Passion: Suggestion from art. Requires permission (?). Needs permission

Inventing the Wheel: Suggestion from Family Guy. Opened thread

The Fatalist: Suggestion from Calvin and Hobbes (panel 2). note  Opened thread

Patricide: Suggestion from Police News (late 1800s newspaper). Opened thread

Old Money: Suggestion from Hark! A Vagrant (3-panel selection; the entire comic is 28 panels so it meets fair use) Opened thread

Leave No Survivors: Suggestion from Oglaf (last panel) Opened thread

Monster Town: Suggestion from Ben 10: Omniverse Thread already running


Oedipus Complex: Suggestion from photography. Opened thread

Orgasmic Combat: Suggestion from GoldenEye. Opened thread

Shameful Strip: Suggestion from Game of Thrones. Opened thread