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Wishplosion: From Berkely Mews (first and last panel). DONE

Inhumanable Alien Rights: From District 9. Caption suggestion: "Officer, you only pulled me over because I'm green!" DONE

For Accidental Murder: Minions combo. Suggested caption: These guys must have forgot that vampires are killed by sunlight. Opened thread

Closed Circle: From The Killing Room. Opened thread

Asskicking Equals Authority: From Warhammer 40,000. Caption suggestion: "To bee da boss you hafta bee da strongest!" Opened thread

Giggling Villain: From Kiss of Death. Opened thread

Straight Edge Evil: from a Soviet WW 2-era poster. Opened thread

Stone Wall: from Byzantine history, I suppose. (That's a cataphract) Opened thread

For Chain Reaction Destruction: from Shantae Half Genie Hero suggested caption: "All hands, abandon tinkerslug!" Opened thread

Regime Change: From Judge Dredd. Caption suggestion: It's a matter of national security. Opened thread

Cold Ham: from Dawn Of War. Possible caption: The Necron Lord of Kronus will not utter a word. Not that it will help you. Opened thread