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Triple Shifter: Comparison from The Dark Knight Caption: "Bruce Wayne: Caped Crusader by night, tired businessman by day." DONE

Fattening the Victim: From Hansel and Gretel fan-art Moved to the 'Pics Awaiting Permission' thread

Inevitable Mutual Betrayal: From Diplomacy videogame version DONE

Portmantitle: From Blacula spoofing Batman DONE

Every Scar Has a Story: From internet DONE

Close-Range Combatant: From Warhammer 40K fan-art. Caption suggestion: Never bring a gun to a claw fight DONE

Love Letter: From internet DONE

Green Christmas: From Coca Cola ad. DONE

Irish Priest: From Stella Days DONE

Proud Merchant Race: From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan-art Moved to the 'Pics Awaiting Permission' thread

Late-Arrival Spoiler: From Planet of the Apes. Caption suggestion: You maniacs! You spoiled it all! Goddamn you! Goddamn you all to hell! DONE

Skin Walker: From internet Opened thread

Spiritual Adaptation: From The Incredibles and The Fantastic Four. Caption suggestion: A superhero family following in the footsteps of a superhero family DISREGARD - already in use on another page




Gayngster: From Brickleberry Opened thread