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More Hypnotizable Than He Thinks: From Donald Duck. DONE

Philosophy Tropes: From photography. DONE

Actionized Sequel: From Rambo. Caption suggestion: First Blood: Vietnam vet deals with PTSD and ostracism. Rambo: First Blood Part II: Vietnam vet goes back to 'Nam to redo the war. DONE

Vampire Vords: From Donald Duck. DONE

Transplant: From Stargate-verse. Caption suggestion: Sam Carter is a force to be reckoned with in both galaxies. DONE

Desert Tropes: From photography. DONE

Feathered Serpent: From Lies of Astaroth. DONE

False Cause: From xkcd. Opened thread

Tracking Shot: From Pulp Fiction. Opened thread

Aristocrats Are Evil: From Marvel comics. Opened thread

Foe Yay Shipping: From deviantart (third row). Opened thread