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Author Powers: From The Fantastic Four (panel 2+3) DONE

Divine Right of Kings: From classical art DONE

A Crack in the Ice: From Tintin (panel 11+12) DONE

Whip Pan: From internet DONE

Salt the Earth: From photography (Visual Pun) Thread opened due to circumstances outside of this thread

You Already Changed the Past: From xkcd (last two panels) Opened thread

The Grand Hunt: From classical art Opened thread

Make Wrong What Once Went Right: From Subnormality (last two panels) Opened thread

Allohistorical Allusion: From Watchmen (panel 1) Opened thread

In Love with Your Carnage: From Spider-Man (panel 1) Opened thread

Afraid of Blood: Deadpool's mask, 2-panel or 3-panel Opened thread