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Monochrome to Color: From photography DONE

The Spook: From internet. DONE

I Have Your Wife: Panel from Toon Hole (source) DONE

Men Are Childish: From Hobbes and Bacon DONE

Allergic to Evil: Big Ears from Goblins Opened thread

Dead Person Conversation: From Hamlet. Thread opened as this is an invalid option - single-panel cartoon

Abstract Eater: From internet. Opened thread

Height Angst: From a Matthew Santoro video Opened thread

"Take That!" Kiss: From The Avengers (panel 3+4) Redacted

Weak to Fire: From Dark Parables Opened thread

Monster.Kamen Rider: Guy with gun Proposed caption: "15 years ago, I was given a human form for one reason alone. To satisfy Banno's petty desire for revenge!" Opened thread