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Glory Days: Suggestion by David Lockhart (1950's vintage calendar?) DONE

12 1 (12.00)

11 1 (11.00)

11 1 (11.00)

10 1 (10.00)

11 2 (5.50)

9 3 (3.00)

8 2 (4.00)

Title Sequence Replacement: Suggestion from Speed Racer. Caption: "Top: 1960s logo. Bottom: 1990s logo."

6 3 (2.00)

Alarm SOS: Suggestion from Die Hard, caption: "No phone; fire alarm."

You Mean X Mas: Suggestion from Papa Louie Arcade, caption: "You mean 4th of July?"

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Arrange Mode: Suggestion from Sonic the Hedgehog, caption "Now you can replay the game, but with features from the sequel!" started thread

Big Sleep: Suggestion from Red Dead Redemption II, caption: "Sleep in heavenly peace, pardner." started thread


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