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Biggest Complaint: Zero Punctuation

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Lack of internal consistency. In one review he decries the lack of innovation, in another he complains about mucking with what works. In his Brawl review he claims that fighting games require no skill, and (in the same review) if you play enough your superior skill will cause you to cream everyone else. He likes Silent Hill 2 and Prince of Persia because of their characterization and story, but in other cases states he wishes they would hurry up and get to the action in games. It's a "heads I win tails you lose" situation with his reviews.

Just because other people like the Wii but you don't doesn't mean that they are wrong and you are right. The constant Wii bashing is annoying and too Fan Hater :ish.

Dude, what is it with Yahtzee and Nintendo, anyway? You'd think Nintendo personally burned his house, stole his car and stepped on his blue suede shoes! Every time he reviews a Nintendo, all professialism seems to trickle off, while the pettyness levels crash through the roof and poke a hole on a cloud...

When you see, say, James Rolfe outside his Angry Video Game Nerd persona you can clearly see that the Nerd is just a character. There are little hints all over his videos that there isn't really a Yahtzee character or persona and Ben Croshaw really is the cynical, joyless prick he usually plays for laughs. It's unnerving.

Now that he's resting on his laurels as a web celebrity, Yahtzee's probably never going to go back to what he's much better at - writing excellent games.

My biggest problem with ZP is that anything on the Wii is just automatically bad. At the end of his MadWorld review, he blatantly states that his biggest problem is that it's on the Wii. Most of his Wii reviews are just complaining about the Wii in general and then about 30 seconds in there for the actual game.

His review of Super Smash Brothers Brawl's fans and fandom, which was advertised as a review for the game itself, followed by a video response that failed to make any point other than "You are wrong. Fuck off."

Has the misogyny increased lately? It seems like every other review has some kind of take that aimed at women.

He seams to hate multi-player games, purely on his admitted lack of friends to play with.

Watching him for long periods of time can lead you too start finding his style of humour a bit much. However if you do watch him I recommend you do it in short interverals; with the understanding that it's an exaggeration of his actual opinions.

The irrelevant Author Tracts. Seriously just stick to the games or at very least gaming related stuff.

Is it just me, or is he less funny lately?