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Biggest Complaint: The Walking Dead

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Absurd logic...

Episode 1:

A zombie is hiding under a kitchen sink.

Placing a pillow in front of a gun silences it.

Lee stores a fire axe in his pants.

Episode 2:

A cheap one-button camera has a hundred-meter shotgun mic.

Episode 3:

3 months into the zombie apocalypse, a woman is still alive with the survival strategy of running around outside to scream for help.

If you euthanize said woman, Kenny complains about not using her as bait, right in front of his wife, who voices no objection.

Marksmanship is taught inside a bumpy-moving metal box.

Lee stores a blowtorch, complete with the gas tank, in his pants.

Episode 4:

Lee stores an ice pick in his pants.

When held at gunpoint, stand calmly with your hands up and you get shot. The correct course of action is to snatch the gun away.

Lee magically returns from a place he had to jump down to, coming back through the same door no less.

Lee stores a car battery in his pants.

A zombie is hiding in a pile of trash.

Episode 5:

The following tasks can be performed after having half an arm cut off: Walking, climbing a ladder, carrying a ladder, parkour, hacking limbs off with a cleaver, climbing across a billboard, climbing down a drainage pipe, choking a person to death.

A nine-year-old child is able to single-handedly drag a 200-pound adult from the middle of a street to inside a store, all without any zombies noticing.

People complain to much about the "plotholes"