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Biggest Complaint: Spongebob Squarepants

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At issue:

Pretty much all episodes after the Movie are So Bad Its Good, Bittersweet Ending, or Downer Ending. It's because they change everything like changing Spongebob from a naive, down-to-earth guy to an annoying stalker (towards Squidward as a friend) and made him a bit too stupid and childish. Sometimes, Spongebob inadvertently made people's lives miserable. He also becomes a Jerk Ass later in the series; one episode shows him being completely stupid in "A Pal For Gary" where he didn't listen to the shopkeeper's warnings and yells at Gary even though he saves his sorry butt from a crazy pet. Seriously, how is making him this way funny?! It makes no sense!!!! The Patrick goes from a lovable oaf to a man with a mind of a 5-year-old, needless to say, that's the insult to 5-year-olds. Squidward goes from Jerk With A Heart Of Gold to Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk. Although, to be fair, Spongebob keeps bothering him all the time because he thought he's friends with him and everyone from Bikini Bottom treats him like he's Plankton whenever he tries to show his talents, i.e. dancing and playing his clarinet; it was called a fish flute to the locals. It's no wonder why the guy he keeps saying he's the most miserable person in Bikini Bottom, bad things keeps happening to him whenever he deserves it or not. What made you think he have no happiness memories (besides getting rid of himself from Spongebob)? Before the movie, Plankton is the antagonist because he wanted to steal the Krabby Patty's Formula so he can make more money and put Mr.Krabs out of business. Now, after the movie, you kind of feel bad for the guy because Mr. Krabs becomes more and more an antagonist than Plankton, as that greedy crab cares more about money than anything else, he even sold Spongebob's soul to the Flying Dutchman for money. Mr. Krabs also made Plankton Driven To Suicide after realizing his fears of whales so he sends Pearl to make Plankton stay away from the Krusty Krab's. He didn't even try to snap him out of it, he only cares about taking advantage his fear of whales for the fun of it. He also almost tears off someone's hand off over a penny. Just what happens to that respectable adult we once loved? Oh, don't get me started with Mrs. Puff. A few episodes show how she respects Spongebob as a student, not a train wreck and other episodes show she can't stand him because he's "unteachable" when it's comes to boating. Then, one episode shows Mrs. Puff goes out of her way to MURDER Spongebob after he accidently "popped" her skin. Sandy becomes a support character later in the series despite being one of the main characters. Yep, the world with our favorite sponge turns upside-down with people turning from sane people to crybabies who likes seeing other people gets hurt, even if it's life-threatening. Personally, I still like watching this show but they shouldn't change everything even the movie is the Grand Finale. Your results watching the Post-Movie episodes may vary.

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To say Spongebob has merely declined in quality would be an understatement.

The characters have been completely mutilated, their defining traits overplayed or changed completely to the point where they aren't even the same characters anymore. Spongebob has gone from friendly yet naive to a psychotic, flamboyant manchild. Patrick has gone from a lovable oaf into a self-centered jackass. Squidward has gone from grumpy and full of himself to a suicidally depressed jerkass of homicidal proportions, and that's not even getting into Mr Krabs. When they aren't using the other supporting characters as people who literally want to murder Spongebob, like Ms. Puff or Plankton, they aren't using them at all. When's the last time you saw Sandy do anything of note lately?

The plots and jokes have degraded into the lowest common denominator, relying on Ren and Stimpy style shock humor to the point where there is at least one face ripped off per episode. While the older episodes used several unique jokes, the newer ones seem content getting it's jollies off of body horror, gross-out humor and all the characters being douchebags to each other.

Why in the episode "A Pal For Gary," why, despite the fact that Puffy Fluffy has obviously transformed into a monster, Spongebob blames Gary, the pet he has owned and loved for much longer than Puffy Fluffy, for all of it, even when Spongebob was about to get eaten by Puffy Fluffy(And he was aware of it, and was in pain from it!) and he saw Gary save him? Took a Level in Jerkass doesn't even begin to explain it!

The episodes that are mean-spirited towards characters like Plankton, Squidward, and Mrs. Puff, especially when they don't do anything to deserve the abuse they get.

I think some people really undermine what is wrong with the series post-Hillenburg era. It's not the writing (even though the writing has played a large part in it and it's not that it's become more childish (it's actually become the opposite. Hell, check out the toenail scene. That was atrocious) it's what's happened to the characters.

And not even just the main characters, it's EVERY character. Spongebob's changes were perhaps the hardest on any fan of the show from the beginning. Spongebob went from a naive, humble, man-child to a mentally unstable creep who couldn't even let Squidward have a single moment of happiness. And he rarely EVER pays for his mistakes in later episodes. An episode like "Hooky" or "Pranks A lot" had him paying for what he did wrong, but it was still humorous. In an episode like A Pal For Gary, he gets away with stealing, putting his innocent pet in certain fatal danger, and depriving him of the only joy he has: being away from Spongebob. In an episode like Shuffleboarding, he arrests everyone in town for the most abomination of reasons, such as someone having their shoes untied, assaults an old lady and a harmless Man Ray, and ends up leaving Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy with the blame. The thing with Patrick is, back in old episodes, he was looked at as stupid, but to a point. He was level-headed, but was a bit quirky and confused. The writers of the newer episodes seem to think making him as dumb as possible is funny. And when he's not down right retarded, he's a smug jerkass who cares nothing of his friends and would put his joy above their lives any day. So basically most of the characters have become mean-spirited. And the funny thing is that the people who was supposed to be antagonists of the first three seasons are actually more protagonist than any other character on the show. I'm of course talking about Squidward and Plankton. Squidward, while never really an antagonist, was cynical and a jerkass, but these reasons are completely justified in later seasons. He has to live everyday of his life with Spongebob stalking him and everyone else going out of their way to purposely cause his misery. Back in the older episodes, he was likable because he was written cleverly. His likability these days mostly centers around my sympathy towards him. Plankton is the same. He's not a confident but failing villain, he's plainly a sympathetic villain who's evil nature has been toned down so severely that he is actually less of a villain than Mr. Krabs. And don't even get me started on him. He has come to the point where he wouldn't give a damn if Plankton committed suicide, and it's even SHOWN in One Coarse Meal. Mr. Krabs became aware that Plankton was afraid of whales, so he sent Pearl to drive him to suicide. Plankton, becoming mentally distraught by being horrified by Pearl, decides to lie in the street and wait for a bus to run him over. And Mr. Krabs does nothing about this and even embraces the idea of it. And the episode even ends with Mr. Krabs winning. Well, Plankton didn't commit suicide, but it was close enough. There was another time when Mr. Krabs wouldn't even let Plankton have one costumer and went through several different lengths to get the man to stop going there. Mr. Krabs isn't even greedy anymore, he's simply a criminal who is most likely the biggest antagonist on the show. Mrs. Puff's attitude could vary in earlier episodes. She could either love Spongebob as a person and hate him as a driver, or vice-versa. Now she plainly wants Spongebob to die and would do anything to get him out of her class. Pearl's just as bad too. Even though I hate Spongebob as of lately, he hasn't necessarily done anything wrong to Pearl, and they were even friends in lots of old episodes (especially Bossy Boots). Then why don't they act like friends anymore? Is Sandy even worth mentioning? She's probably the least affected on the show, but she's just plain boring now. I don't even understand the scientist role. When was it ever referenced she liked science in earlier episodes? Is it because she built a rocket? That was supposed to reference her wearing an astronaut suit. But I digress. It's even come down to the point where she isn't even a regular character anymore. So the main reason Spongebob is bad lately, is that everyone is a mean-spirited, cold hearted jerkass.

"House Fancy". Why, oh WHY did they think the toenail scene was necessary? It's not funny at all. It's just disgusting.

Patrick. Okay, not to be one of the cliché "It was better back then" people, but Patrick used to be awesome. Now, they Flanderized him. Patrick has now become a guy who doesn't know anything about his friend since birth, and he also acts like a jerk to everyone. Worst of all, the writers treat him like a god, making him a Karma Houdini. Really?

The increasingly cruel treatment of Mrs. Puff. Anytime she suffers, it's usually because of Spongebob being an Idiot Houdini.

In the season 7 episode "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful", the police kept arresting Squidward for "littering", which included things like taking a piece of gum off the bottom of his foot, or even just standing next to a pile of garbage. His Butt-Monkey status used to be funny sometimes, but in this episode, it was just frustrating.

Squidward is punished for merely being disagreeable, yet in "Can You Spare a Dime" and "Grandma's Kisses", he gets off scott free despite being at his worst.

All the episodes only contain these plots

  • Squidward being tortured far beyond what he deserves, whether or not he deserves it
  • Plankton trying to steal the formula in an idiotic/ludicrous fashion
  • Spongebob ruining someone's life and getting away with it
  • Spongebob asking Patrick for advice and things getting worse

And it always ends the same way the character who are Jerkasses, Too Dumb to Live, or both get treated like infallible gods/goddesses and the characters who look better thanks to everyone else i.e. Plankton and Squidward are treated like they are nothing but assholes that are mistreated by the town of sadists and bastards who only like those as dumb or mean as them like Spongebob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs.

The fact that Sponge Bob was an Ungrateful Bastard to Gary even after he saves him from being eaten by Fluffy. I wished he (Sponge Bob) would have died.

The sheer amount of episodes post-movie, that seem to purposely make Spongebob, the main character and beloved children's icon, into an antagonist.

That people complain about Squidward's behavior towards Spongebob...the only reason Squidward became more hostile is because Spongebob got more annoying. So because Squidward doesn't want to be friends with Spongebob, that makes him a jerk? Yes because everyone has to be nice to Spongebob.

"Stuck in the Wringer". I do not get how Patrick thought that if SpongeBob got glued to his wringer, it would help him get out.

What really bothers me is that some SpongeBob fans (hello, say that what Squidward did was "too far" and "incredibly mean", and he deserved "what he got". The punishable-by-death thing he did to SpongeBob? Reading his diary out loud in public. Um.....I don't want to be a Fan Hater, but......that is NOT the meanest of the mean at all! Sure, it's kind of cruel, but not as bad as the time in "One Coarse Meal" when Mr. Krabs tortured Plankton so much it ended up with Plankton lying on the road and waiting to get run over, or the time in "Born Again Krabs" when Mr. Krabs crushed a guy's arm just to get a coin, or the time in "Boating Buddies" when SpongeBob pretty much acted like a disturbing Stalker with a Crush to Squidward. When you take this all into account, Squidward reading SpongeBob's diary feels less of a Kick the Dog and more of a Kick the Son of a Bitch.

One Coarse Meal is by far the most unredeemable episode for me. I know I'm not supposed to like Plankton, but when the guy wants to be run over by a bus and Spongebob, who taught Plankton how to have fun doesn't even bat an eye at it and Mr. Krabs laughs, it's not funny.

To the writers of that episode and any other writer: suicide attempts are not normally a funny topic. It takes a lot of skill to make it work. A suicide joke that gets messed up doesn't simply fall flat, it makes people cringe. If you're not absolutely sure the joke will be hit out of the park, don't joke about suicide.

Is it me or has Spongebob practically copied Family a Guy post-Cancellation? Honestly, it just has the same unfunny flaws as it's' Mac Farline brother, such as using Black Comedy where it isn't needed, being idiotic in its 'messages', being long runners due to their cash cow milking corps, which degraded legitimately funny humor to the Lowest Common Denominator humor, and the last and least redeeming, degrading the character's intelligence and charm.

Spongebob's cheeks are now always drawn going inwards instead of outwards. It makes him look even stupider.

"Little Yellow Book". Squidward didn't deserve the treatment he got in this episode. Yes, reading a diary is wrong, and, I've got to admit something-he was being a little selfish not apologizing to Sponge Bob unlike "Fools in April", but still!

Why, OH why, in "Demolition Doofus", did Mrs. Puff become so mean-sprited. She wanted to outright MURDER Sponge Bob for puncturing her inflation sac. I know Mrs. Puff is REALLY sick of Sponge Bob failing every single driving test, but in this episode... what were they thinking?

One Coarse Meal teaches children not only that driving someone to suicide is funny, but also that you should help people get away with doing such things.

The disappearance of some hilarious characters in favor of unfunny one-shots (Sam Star) that we will never see again.

My biggest problem with the episodes after the movie is that they tend to be inconsistent in quality and it seems to affect certain seasons more than others. There are hidden gems and all but it kinda sucks how the animation has gotten kinda stale in recent years and lacks the really appealing, funny and occasionally off-model animation older episodes had. It's also mind boggling how you can have animation vets like Aaron Springer and Mr. Lawrence get credited for some very unfortunate cartoons.

What I think is horrible about Spongebob is that since Nick is appealing in stupid ways, Kids? = New dumb Spongebob and that stupid monkey show, Teens? = Lame sitcoms, Adults? = Nick @ Nite, it seems like nick can never seem to appeal to ALL ages. Nick seems to think Kids hate Creativity, Nick (And pretty much any channels that are not educational channels) thinks teens rule TV and nick thinks that adults only care about n nothing. A good show is to make ALL ages laugh, not all kids are dumb, Teens don't always like sitcoms and Adults DO care for Television. Spongebob should stop Making new episodes to end it's sad misery and it's lake of i don't know HUMOR?! and nick should stop having SO MANY SISTER CHANNELS!! (Teennick? Nick @ Nite?, Nick jr. NICK MOM?! WTF?!) It's not like we outgrew our Nick, Disney and CN channels, it's that the modern media thinks that our generation is brainless and that pretty much Spongebob in a nusthell: Stupid, brainless, lazy, and should stop to end this curable cancer, seriously, it's like Spongebob wants to die to be happy, I think it should only be good to go grant spongebob's death wish. Sorry if that was a little harsh, it's just that spongebob was this troper's childhood other than Pokémon (and this troper hated it's terrible episodes) and i snapped, but that still doesn't excuse Spongebob for having a very low quality in humor and kindness of a GOOD TV show.

Hate every new episode where Squidward is treated like crap. The moment in the golf episode where Patrick and Spongebob walk away from Squidward's trashed house without giving two shits was horrible>

Squid Baby. I personally know someone who went through similar trauma. This was just insulting and I hate this episode above all others.

Some episodes from new seasons are good, but much other ones are really bad. The bad ones have a hollow plot, repetitive structures, unlikeable characters and gross elements. It's annoying to see another chapter when just Plankton tries to steal the secret formula again or Spongebob and Patrick annoy Squidward.

Also, putting too mean things in a program supposedly done for children is unbearable. Showing that leading someone to suicide is funny? Really? So, being a kid's show is not a valid counterargument.

He's a frakking moron 100% of the time.

Stuck in the Wringer. "I guess crying does solve your problem." Really?

"Spongecano!". My 2nd least favorite episode of the series (Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful is 1st.). This episode manages to make bad jokes, every character unlikeable, Squid Abuse, and a stupid plot possible in 11 minutes.

Other than Patrick's Jerk Ass behavior in newer episodes another thing that bothers me about him is his one snaggle tooth sticking out of his mouth, in the earlier seasons he only did it every once in a while and when he did do it, it was generally funny like when he says "Hey who you calling Pinhead?" or when he chuckles to himself after his "mom" says "He lives in a fruit that's unhealthy".

But since season 5 or 6 he constantly has that one tooth sticking out every 5-10 seconds he's on screen even in scenes where he opens his mouth really wide or when his skeleton shows when he gets electrocuted, it's really annoying and they need to limit the amount of times they do it.

The fact that fans always side with Spongebob and Patrick for ruining the lives of other characters (Squidward & Mrs. Puff) simply because they are protagonists and idiots. Being a protagonist and an idiot isn't a free pass to act like a jerkass.—-

Not enough of that Tom guy in season 7.

Spongebob being able to get away with causing MANY cases of Property Damage. Call it Rule of Funny or Discontinuity, but that just doesn't make sense.

The 2nd Christmas special, where Santa's actually stupid enough to put Plankton on the nice list. Seriously? PLANKTON?

And the fact that he put Spongebob on the naughty list, even though Spongebob acted totally innocent and naïve throughout the entire episode! He was even singing, "Santa, Santa, Santa, has his jolly little eyes on me..." My guess is that Santa needs to check his eyesight or he's just being a dork.

Yes, I know, it's just a kid's show, but still.

Also, did I mention the 1st Spongebob Christmas special was waaaaay better than the 2nd? Seriously, at least Spongebob acts somewhat older in that one...

Spongebob Meets the Strangler was basically Bugs Bunny, but with Spongebob. If they would have had Spongebob be antagonizing in THAT kinda manner, it would've been hilarious, but now he's just purely obnoxious.

the spongebob episode i don\'t like is Survival of the Idiots, it is because of Sandy\'s Berserk Button and it is too cruel to animals. The Ending is not cool to watch because it is too dark and too mean. I hate watching the ending and how you feel if kids were show doing this to poor animals such as taping their fur off and how you feel about those animals?