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Biggest Complaint: Pokemon

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At issue:


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The over-centralization of the meta-game on certain moves like Stealth Rock.

The fact that Executive Meddling messed up Takeshi Shudo's original vision of the show - which was far and away superior to what has transpired.

Everyone not being allowed to grow older on the anime.

The Pokémon TCG is too focused on energy cards rather than the Pokémon cards.

The 6th generation, which added:

-The Fairy type, which has shattered years of continuity due to many Pokémon suddenly gaining this type. The type itself has rendered many types useless, and is blatantly overpowered. - Mega Evolutions, probably the biggest jump-the-shark moment in the series. This isn't Digimon, people. - Some of the worst Pokémon ever designed, including: a fat ugly rabbit, a boring lion, a bloody poodle, a candyfloss snowman, an ugly seahorse, and a SET OF KEYS, among other horrendous designs.