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Biggest Complaint: Neon Genesis Evangelion

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No clarification. The ending of both the series and the movie were like Kafka's the Trial: the come out of no-where, suggesting that there's meaning to be found, but ultimately conclude nothing. We're left on a beach with Asuka strangled-and-yet-not-dead, Shinji crying softly, a vision of Rei appearing randomly over the Sea of LCL, and the wonderful cockslap last words of "I feel sick." HWHAAA? Thank God for Wikipedia &; otherwise I'd be adrift.

The religious symbolism being kind of hammered in wherever it fits, even when it makes little to no sense.

Not enough clarification on universe mechanics. Specifically, the workings of souls, AT Fields, Angels, Seeds of Life, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and even humans.

Lots and lots about what's bad in humanity, but very little ideas of how to fix anything.

The Fanservice that was really Fan Disservice, yet somehow fans still go for it.

The awkward English voice acting during the earliest episodes of the series.

The writers did such a perfect job of making Gendo a despicable bastard that he's absolutely unnerving to watch at points, always commanding NERV to do callous, insane shit, then sitting back and watching in his typical stone cold pose. Sure, he only does what he must to save the world, but I still want to jump into the TV screen and punch him, especially in Episode 18.

Psychologically rich, but Philosophically bankrupt.

The fact that they made it up as they went along, instead of having written the whole plot before starting.

The animation is extremely hit or miss; it really has not aged well. However, in the earlier episodes, we get some of the best animation of its time. It looks like they abused their budget right away instead of spreading it thinner and saving that awesomeness for the ending like many other anime.

The shows' philosophy is obnoxious. It's Nihilistic and Solipsistic.

How every single adaption seems to have its own ideas on how many angels there are, and who gets what number. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!

Asuka and Shinji. Just... Asuka and Shinji.

And their lack of any clear or positive character development.

Two Words: Shinji Ikari

I didn't mind him as a character, but his lack of badassery failed the series in the end. If anyone needed to Take A Level in Badass it was him.

The downer ending shown in End of Evangelion.

The fact it's so horribly traumatizing. A lot of people must've experienced post-traumatic stress disorder or nightmares from watching it because it taps into primal fears and into people's possible traumas.

This troper saw people who had childhood traumas or a history of problems with violence/anger management really get into a freaky emotional mess over NGE.