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Biggest Complaint: Muse

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It's not so much with Muse that I have a problem; it's with everyone labeling them as a massively musically and lyrically complex prog band. They just write fucking rock songs and reference the existential in plain terms once in a while! And that's fine! They don't need to be the next King Crimson or Tool for us to like them!

The album "The 2nd Law". On one hand, I want to like it because about half of it is decent, especially "Big Freeze", "Save Me" and "Liquid State" which are coincidentally consecutive on the album. However, the album is plagued by some of the most embarrassing, baffling music Muse has ever dreamed up. The dull "Madness", the lazy "Panic Station", the overblown "Prelude/Survival", the forgettable "Follow Me" and the disastrous "The 2nd Law: Unsustainable/Isolated System" an absolute misfire (unlike the spectacular "Exogenesis" which ended the previous album). Thus, this album makes me annoyed because I can't fully enjoy it every time I listen to it, despite the good parts, which means I can't let myself like or even accept it. Thankfully, the excellent "Drones" album made up for this album.