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Biggest Complaint: How I Met Your Mother

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Barney and Robin breaking up after just 7 episodes, for quite literally no reason at all. And, to add insult to injury, Barney wearing a cartoonish fat suit for their emotional break-up scene. It made a mockery of the relationship and pointlessly threw away something they'd been building towards for at least two seasons.

  • They said Robin and Barney were a bad idea for a couple since the start. This is why they started the plot at the end of season 3. But it is just silly of them to have a season long build-up and a few episodes of actual relationship and then having it end with nothing gained because... Barney is getting fat? Did they want to say he wouldnīt be funny anymore because his characters only trait is the objectification of women? Well, thatīs right but that reason should have been told straight forward and not cryptic.

Laugh. Track.


Don. 'Nuff said.

Lily, especially in seasons 5 and 6 turning into a Mary Sue who is always right about everything and everyone. Forget Mary Sue, woman's a Hypocrite, Karma Houdini, and Bitch in Sheep's Clothing at once.

Ted being uninteresting, condescending, and just being a protagonist that doesn't make you care as to whether or not he finds love.

The series is supposed to be about how Ted met The Mother...and yet Ted has become the most uninteresting character on the show and isn't featured as prominently as the other 4 main cast members.

Kal Penn. Please, PLEASE get him off this show.

Robin's huge change of character that was necessary to make it believable that she would date Barney given all that she knows about him.

I love Robin, don't get me wrong. As a character, she is funny, entertaining, and unique. However, some episodes have her written as a satellite character for Ted, and she just spontaneously disagrees with him or snaps at him for no good reason, sometimes to the point where she is completely stepping out of character.

The Ship Tease in the early half of the show. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WE KNOW ROBIN ISN'T THE MOTHER AND SHE AND TED ARE TOTALLY WRONG FOR EACH OTHER ANYWAY. Yet the show pushed it pretty forcibly (apparently for Ted's Character Development, but he could have found that in more interesting, less cliche ways) and keeps bringing it up every now and then as a plot point or just to prolong the season.

Ted's passionate hate of New Jersey.

That, while jusst about everything is great about this show, the plots never have any surprises. When a couple of minutes into an episode, many times you can already guess what the ending will be, and you can catch many plot twists ahead of time. It just seems too bad for a show that is otherwise very refreshing and awesome.

How much longer are you going to drag on this story UNTIL YOU TELL ME WHO TEDS FRICKIN WIFE IS!!! This show SHOULD have been rapped up by the end of season 6.

An entire season devoted to Ted and Robin's relationship, despite the fact that Future Ted tells his kids in the first episode that she's their aunt. That and their hookups over the next few seasons, TV show and movie that has explored it (hint: it doesn't work out).

Some very illogical discontinuities, like the sudden appearance change in Barney's stalker, the swords in the duel that are said to have hung there since they started living there but made their first appearance in that episode, and Barney's late age at which he lost his virginity getting dropped in favor of a much younger age when Marshall made the graph of Barney's successes.

  • What appearance change (Meg? She stayed the same actress), and those swords were there since the first episode.

OK seriously, when are they gonna introduce the mother already?

  • When the show is over. After he tells em how he met their mother, there's nothing else to tell. The show is CALLED "how I met your mother" after all.

Funny but overrated.

  • Overuse of the word "Overrated" has reached "egregious" proportions.
    • And your comment seemed more like a review.

In its early seasons, it was witty and original. Now, Lily's become nothing more than a shrewish disapproving hen, and everything seems tired and cliche.