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Biggest Complaint: Animorphs

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The ending. The ending.

When Jake had to chose between aborting the Yeerk project, or saving Cassie, WHY DIDN'T CASSIE MORPH A BIRD!?!!?!

That goddamn voice at the end of #41 The Familiar. Seriously, who was that?

In The Hidden, how could the buffalo get morphing power, acquire people, and morph? It was established earlier that the morphing cube can only be activated by a thought-speak command, you have to be consciously trying to acquire someone, and you have to be consciously trying to morph. The buffalo shouldn't have been able to do any of those things.

Why didn't they send multiple Chee per Yeerk ship to hack both? We've already established that two Chee make excellent hackers and stealthers, just have one hack and the other cloaks!

Why can't Ax act normal in human morph? At first, yes, it's fine. But as time goes on, it becomes embarrassing, and even life threatening. In combination with this and Ax's mysterious poor studying in school, it's like he has Anadalite ADHD.

Why didn't the Animorphs just take a bunch of Chee to the White House, or Times Square, or someplace like that to prove to the government that aliens existed so that they could get help fighting the yeerks? Seriously! There would probably some controllers to see it, but there would be enough regular people to get help.

The whole "we can't tell you who we are" deal. Really, if they're breaking the fourth wall and saying they can't state in the books who they are because they would be caught, they also shouldn't be able to give so many details and who they are related to, where they live and what they were involved in. Also, it's repeatedly stated by the characters that just the Yeerks discovering that they're human and not Andalite would mean the end for them...and yet you know they're human from each and every book.

How did Jake's ancestor write the last bloodstained entry when he was already "killed"? If he was simply dying, why did he have the journal on him and why did he think to write in it then? None of it makes sense!

Cassie's Flanderization. She started out as my favorite character in the series, but as time went on, her moral questions became more and more extreme to the point where they didn't even make sense anymore. They ruined a potentially great character.