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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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Season 4:Message in a Bottle

An abandoned subspace relay network is discovered that has the ability to transmit a message, or better yet the Doctor, to a Starfleet ship detected in the Alpha Quadrant. The Doctor teams up with another EMH when it turns out the ship in question has been taken over by Romulans.

EMH Mark II: "What are they doing?!"
The Doctor: "Firing on us!"
EMH Mark II: "They must think Romulans are on board!"
The Doctor: "They're right!"

Season 4: Living Witness

The Doctor's backup module is activated in a museum 700 years after his last memory. While dealing with the fact that everyone he knew is long since dead, the Doctor discovers that local history has recorded the Voyager crew as a gang of thugs and mercenaries who started a near-genocidal war between two races and his efforts to correct history threaten the peace that now exists between them.

Doctor: "From my perspective, I saw them all only a few days ago. But in fact, it's been centuries. And I'll never see them again. Did they ever reach home? I wonder."

Season 5: Timeless

Fifteen years in the future, Voyager and her entire crew are dead, buried in an ice planet, after the test of a new propulsion system failed. Chakotay, Kim, and the Doctor, the only survivors, are trying to change history and save their crew, while Starfleet is attempting to preserve the timeline.

Kim: "I killed them!"
Doctor: "Control yourself!"
Kim: "They trusted me and I KILLED THEM!"
Doctor: "Mr. Kim! I didn't spend all those years in an ice bucket so I could listen to you berate yourself! If you want to wallow in self-pity, fine! Do it on your own time!"

Season 3/4: Scorpion

A new enemy, capable of blasting the Borg to bits, is threatening to destroy the Collective and then overwhelm the Delta Quadrant. Janeway must form a dangerous alliance with the Borg, represented in the form of the drone Seven of Nine, in order to have any hope of surviving this new threat.

Janeway: "There's a path before me... the only way home. And on either side, mortal enemies bent on destroying each other. If I attempt to pass through them... I'll be destroyed as well. But if I turn around... that would end all hope of ever getting home."

Season 6: Blink of an Eye

Voyager is trapped in orbit of a planet in which time passes much more quickly than it does onboard ship, allowing the crew to view eons of history in a short span of time.

Astronomer: "What should I say?"
Technician: "Glad to meet you. Where are you from? Please stop shaking our planet."

Season 5: Dark Frontier

Janeway hatches a daring plan to storm a Borg Sphere and steal a transwarp coil, which goes sideways when the Borg Queen blackmails Seven into leaving Voyager and rejoining the Collective.

Janeway: "There are three things to remember about being a starship captain: keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship, and never abandon a member of your crew."

Season 2: The Thaw

The crew finds a group of disaster survivors who have spent years in suspended animation. Efforts to wake the survivors are complicated when Torres and Kim find that they are held prisoner by a personification of fear.

Janeway: Would you be honest with me?
The Clown: Fear is the most honest of all emotions, Captain.

Season 4: Year of Hell, Parts 1 and 2

Voyager enters Krenim space, where they encounter a ship that can Ret Gone things from existence. Since the path around Krenim space would take far longer, they must go through it.

Janeway: Time's up.

Season 1: Eye of the Needle

Voyager comes across a previously-undiscovered wormhole, which holds open the possibility of getting the crew home. One problem: The other end of the wormhole is in Romulan space. But that may be the least of the problems with this particular shortcut...

Janeway: Then let's move on. We've got a long way to go.

Season 4: The Killing Game

After Voyager is overcome by a Hirogen boarding party, the crew is subject to a series of increasingly brutal holographic fantasies, including a simulation of World War II.

Hirogen: Sing or you will die.
Seven of Nine: Then I'll die.
Tuvok: Seven, you are a valued member of this crew. The logical response would be to grant his request.
Seven of Nine: Logic is irrelevant. (to the Hirogen) One day the Borg will assimilate your species despite your arrogance. When that moment arrives, remember me.

Season 5: Latent Image

The Doctor suffers a breakdown after forcing to make a difficult decision regarding saving the life of one of two members of the Voyager crew, each with an equal chance of dying.

Janeway: Poetry, written on Earth a thousand years ago. La Vita Nuova.
The Doctor: La Vita Nuova. The New Life? Ha! Tell that to Ensign Jetal. Actually, I killed her countless times.
Janeway: What do you mean?
The Doctor: Causality, probability. For every action, there's an infinite number of reactions and in each one of them, I killed her. Or did I? Too many possibilities, too many pathways for my programme to follow. Impossible to choose, but still, I can't live with the knowledge of what I've done.

Season 6: Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy

The Doctor had daydreams of saving Voyager, but when aliens hijack his program and peer into his dreams, he gets his chance to become a real hero.

Seven of Nine: (fantasy of The Doctor's) The Doctor and I are going to Sickbay.
Torres: Any excuse to be alone with him, eh, Seven?
Seven: Assimilation is an unpleasant fate.
Torres: Is that a threat?

Season 6: Pathfinder

Reginald Barclay from Star Trek: The Next Generation lapses back into his holodeck addiction while he's toiling away at Starfleet Headquarters. It affects his relationship with his colleagues, but Barclay remains steadfast in his belief that he's figured out a way to get in contact with the USS Voyager, from thousands of light years away. Meanwhile, he constantly turns to his holographic version of the Voyager crew for help on his project, not to mention companionship.

Barclay: That ship, that crew... they're all I have.

Season 3: Blood Fever

Vorik, a Vulcan ensign, goes through the pon farr syndrome, and insists on B'elanna Torres as his mate. However, he accidentally mind-melds the pon farr into her, which makes for a disastrous mission and some hidden feelings between Tom and B'elanna coming to light.


Season 6: The Haunting of Deck Twelve

While the USS Voyager is without power for several hours, Neelix tells the children a ghost story of the events that lead up to it... or is it more than just a story?

Icheb: I wonder what the crew of the Salvoxia did for food after their emergency rations were gone.
Mezoti: Maybe they ate each other.
Neelix: All right, uhh, that's enough!

Season 2: Resistance

Janeway, cut off from Voyager, seeks the help of a delusional resistance fighter who believes she is his daughter to save Tuvok and Torres from torture. NOTE: The episode is almost entirely carried by guest star Joel Grey's fantastic performance.

Caylem: Ralkana. He said you'd been shot.
Janeway: He was lying to you, father. I'm all right.
Caylen: And your mother
Janeway: Fine. She was so happy to get your letters. She wants me to tell you something. She forgives you. We both do.
Caylem: My sweet girl.