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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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Season 6: In the Pale Moonlight

At the end of his frustration over the losses the Federation is taking in the Dominion War, Sisko enlists Garak's help to persuade the Romulans to join the Federation against the Dominion. Sisko soon learns that, to save the Federation, he may have to abandon the values it stands for.

Sisko: So... I lied. I cheated. I bribed men to cover the crimes of other men. I am an accessory to murder. But most damning of all... I think I can live with it... And if I had to do it all over again... I would. Garak was right about one thing: a guilty conscience is a small price to pay for the safety of the Alpha Quadrant, so I will learn to live with it... Because I can live with it... I can live with it. Computer—erase that entire personal log.

Season 1: Duet

After a Cardassian man arrives on the station suffering from an illness that he could only have contracted at a Bajoran labor camp during the Occupation, Major Kira leads an investigation to determine whether he is actually a notorious war criminal.

Marritza: Persecuting Cardassians goes far beyond your job,'s your passion.

Kira: You are Marritza, aren't you...
Marritza: You mistake me for that bug? That whimpering nothing? Oh, you stupid Bajoran girl. Don't you know who I am? I'm your nemesis. I'm your nightmare. I'm the Butcher of Gallitep.
Kira: The Butcher of Gallitep died six years ago. You're Aamin Marritza, his filing clerk.
Marritza: That's not true! I am alive! I will always be alive!!! It's Marritza who is dead! Marritza, who was good for nothing but cowering under his bunk and weeping like a woman. Who, every night, covered his ears because he couldn't bear to hear the screaming... for mercy... of the Ba-jor-ans... *breaks down weeping uncontrollably* Covered my ears every night... because I couldn't bear to hear the horrible screams. You have no idea what it's like to be a coward. To see these horrors and do nothing... Marritza's dead. He deserves to be dead.
Kira: You didn't commit those crimes. And you couldn't stop them. You were only one man...
Marritza: No, no, don't you see? I have to be punished, we all have to be punished. Major, you have to go out and tell them that I'm Gul Darheel. It's the only way!
Kira: Why are you doing this?...
Marritza: For Cardassia! Cardassia will only survive if it stands in front of Bajor and admits the truth! My trial will force Cardassia to acknowledge its guilt! And we're guilty, all of us! My death is necessary!
Kira: ...what you're asking for is another murder... enough good people have already died. I won't help kill another.

Season 5: Trials and Tribble-ations

When Temporal Investigations arrives on Deep Space 9, Sisko recounts how he and the crew of the Defiant traveled back in time to the 23rd century to prevent the assassination of Captain James T. Kirk during the original Enterprise's mission to Space Station K-7.

Sisko: In the old days, operations officers wore red, command officers wore gold—
Dax: And women wore less.
Bashir: I think I'm going to like history.

Season 6: Far Beyond the Stars

Experiencing a vision from the Prophets, Sisko sees himself as Benny Russell, a science-fiction writer in the 1950s, who struggles with civil rights and inequality when he writes the story of Captain Benjamin Sisko, a black commander of a futuristic space station.

Benny Russell: You can deny me all you want but you can't deny Ben Sisko. He exists! That future, that space station, all those people, they exist in here! In my mind. I created it. And every one of you knew it, you read it. It's here. Do you hear what I'm telling you? You can pulp a story but you cannot destroy an idea! Don't you understand? That's ancient knowledge, you cannot destroy an idea. That future I created it, and it's real! Don't you understand? It is real. I created it. And it's real! It's REAL!

Season 4: The Visitor

After a freak accident in the engine room of the Defiant apparently claims the life of Benjamin Sisko, Jake lives out his life in an endless quest to locate his father.

Jake: Dad...are you OK?
Sisko: I am now, son. I am now...

Season 2: The Wire

Bashir tries to help when Garak suffers painful headaches from an implant in his brain.

Garak: Living on this station is torture for me, Doctor. The temperature is always too cold, the lights always too bright. Every Bajoran on the station looks at me with loathing and contempt. So one day I decided I couldn't live with it anymore. And I took the pain away.

Season 3: The Die Is Cast

A Cardassian-Romulan fleet enters the Gamma Quadrant.

Garak: You know what the sad part is, Odo? I'm a very good tailor.

Season 7: Treachery, Faith, and the Great River

Odo: Has it ever occurred to you that the reason you believe the Founders are gods is because that's what they want you to believe? That they built it into your genetic code?
Weyoun: Of course they did; that's what gods do. After all, why be a god if there's no one to worship you?

O'Brien: Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Nog: Chief, I can't operate under those kinds of restrictions.

Season 4: Hard Time

Convicted of espionage, Miles O'Brien is given the memories of twenty years in prison in a matter of hours.

O'Brien: When we were growing up, they used to tell us humanity had evolved, that mankind had outgrown hate and rage. When it came down to it, when I had the chance to show that no matter what anyone did to me I was still an evolved human being...I failed.

Season 7: Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

Sloan: The Federation needs men like you, doctor. Men with conscience, men who can sleep at night. And you're also the reason that Section 31 exists: to protect men like you from a universe that doesn't share your sense of right and wrong.

Season 3: Civil Defense

Sisko, Jake, and O'Brien accidentally trigger an old Cardassian security system.

Bashir: You know, I've been here nearly three years and I was just finally starting to think of this place as home.
Kira: Your home was built by Cardassians, Doctor. Don't ever forget that.

Season 5: Apocalypse Rising

The attempt to expose a changeling within the Klingon Empire; interesting twist at the end.

Season 6: Rocks and Shoals

Kira: We used to have a saying in the Resistance. If you're not fighting them, you're helping them.

Season 6: You are Cordially Invited


Season 5: In the cards

Jake and Nog get into trouble while trying to cheer up Sisko by acquiring a mint-condition 1951 Willie Mays rookie baseball card; the Dominion offers to sign a nonaggression pact with Bajor. This episode is the only DS 9 show with a light-hearted humorous A-story and a serious and important B-story. It is regarded by many on TV Tropes as both the Crowning Moment of Funny and The Crowning Moment of Heartwarming for any star trek episode ever. If you didn't laugh at least a couple times during and go "awwwwwww" at the end of the episode, you aren't human.

"The entire future of the galaxy may depend on us tracking down Willie Mays... and stopping him."

- Jake, to Weyoun

Season 1: Emissary

Season 2: Blood Oath

For the abrupt transition between the 'exciting' battle to the mourning song of Kor. The episode has very explicit disaprovals of the vengeance plans, but the futility of the battle gets captured in that moment

Season 5: Children of Time

Odo: He did it for you, Nerys. He loved you.

Kira: That makes it right?

Odo: I don't know. He thought so.

Season 5: The Assignment

O'Brien: You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.

Keiko: No, it helps to talk about it. Besides, I don't want to forget how hard you fought for me.

Season 3: Family Business

How did they get past censors with this on broadcast television?

Quark learns that his mother broke Ferengi law by making profit... so much in fact, that he can never pay it back if she does not confess and give back the money. His mother also dislikes other Ferengi standards for females, such as chewing her sons\' food, and not wearing clothes. Every time a Ferengi sees her wearing clothes, they react as if they had seen her naked. Which leads to this scene.

ROM: I see you haven\'t changed your bedroom, Moogie. It\'s still very traditional.
ISHKA: I keep it this way to remind myself how idiotic Ferengi tradition can be when it comes to females.
ROM: Oh.
ISHKA: Rom, is something wrong?
ROM: Wrong? No. Not really. Except your clothes.
ISHKA: Would you feel more comfortable if I took them off?
ROM: Well, maybe just a little.
ISHKA: All right, if it will make you feel better. But only for you.
(So she does)

Season 3: Explorers

A father and son trip on a Bajoran solar-sail space-ship.

Season 1: Captive Pursuit

O'Brien befriends an alien called Tosk, on the run from hunters in the Gamma Quadrant.

Season 3: Distant Voices

Bashir is trapped in his own mind after being attacked by a Lethean.

Season 5: Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places

Quark seeks to woo Grilka, his Klingon ex-wife, and asks Worf for help.