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Best Episode: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

At issue:

Which episode of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is the best?

Showing 79 of 81. Include items with lower scores.

Lesson Zero

Sonic Rainboom

The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Pinkie Pride

Return of Harmony Part 2.

Luna Eclipsed

Magic Duel

A Dog and Pony Show

Suited For Success

It's About Time

Party of One


Sleepless in Ponyville

Canterlot Wedding Part 2

Wonderbolts Academy

Twilight's Kingdom

Sweet and Elite

The Last Roundup

"Keep Calm And Flutter On"

Read It and Weep

Too Many Pinkie Pies

The Best Night Ever

MMMystery on the Friendship Express

Princess Twilight, Part 2

Rarity Takes Manehattan

Feeling Pinkie Keen

Friendship is Magic, Part 1

Swarm of the Century

Magical Mystery Cure

Secret of My Excess

Princess Twilight, Part 1

Castle Mania

The Cutie Map Part 1 and 2

Friendship is Magic, Part 2

Applebuck Season

Bridle Gossip

Sisterhooves Social

Gauntlet of Fire

Spice Up Your Life

A Friend in Deed

The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

The Crystal Empire

Pinkie Apple Pie

Putting Your Hoof Down

Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Castle Sweet Castle

Apple Family Reunion

The Gift of the Maud Pie

Stranger Than Fan Fiction

Dungeons & Discords

P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)

Where the Apple Lies

Princess Spike

Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

The Cutie Pox

Griffon the Brush Off

Filli Vanilli

Amending Fences

Just for Sidekicks

Games Ponies Play

The Cutie Re-Mark, Part 1

On Your Marks

Newbie Dash

To Where and Back Again, Part 1

To Where and Back Again, Part 2

Tanks for the Memories

Slice Of Life

Baby Cakes

Boast Busters

Putting Your Hoof Down

Canterlot Wedding Part 1

The Ticket Master

Owl's Well That Ends Well

Over A Barrel

Spike At Your Service

Hearts and Hooves Day

The Cutie Re-Mark, Part 2

One Bad Apple