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Best Episode: Littlest Pet Shop 2012

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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The Secret Recipe

Pet Sounds

Sunil's Sick Day

The Tortoise and the Heir

It's a Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy World

Sue Syndrome

Lotsa Luck

Proud as a... Peacock?

In the Loop

It's the Pets Fest! Parts 1 & 2

Dumb Dumbwaiter

Eve of Destruction

So Interesting

Sweet Pepper

Sweet Truck Ride

Lights, Camera, Mongoose!

Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors

Tongue Tied

So You Skink You Can Dance

Door Jammed

Helicopter Dad

Littlest Pet Street Parts 1 & 2

The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly

Mean Isn't Your Color

Penny for Your Laughs

Two Pets for Two Pests

The Expo Factor Parts 1 & 2

Why Can't We Be Friends?

What Did You Say?

Topped With Buttercream

Russell Up Some Fun

Blythe's Crush

Pitch Purrfect


Blythe's Big Adventure Parts 1 & 2

Pawlm Reading

Heart of Parkness

What, Meme Worry?

Blythe's Big Idea


War of the Weirds

Standup Stinker

Hamster Hoods

Pump Up the Panda

Back Window

A Night at the Pawza


On the Same Page

Paint a Picture, It Lasts Longer

Blythe's Pet Project

Bake It 'til You Make It

Summertime Blues

To Paris With Zoe

The Hedgehog in the Plastic Bubble

Seeing Red

Alligators and Handbags