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Best Episode: Justice League

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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"Divided We Fall" (JLU Season 2)

"For the Man Who Has Everything" (JLU Season 1)

"A Better World" (JL Season 2)

"Flash and Substance" (JLU Season 3)

"Epilogue" (JLU Season 2 Finale)

"Hereafter" (JL Season 2)

"Question Authority" (JLU Season 2)

"The Great Brain Robbery" (JLU Season 3)

"Starcrossed" (JL Season 2 Finale)

"Destroyer" (JLU Season 3 Finale)

"Legends" (JL Season 1)

"The Savage Time" (JL Season 1 Finale)

"Double Date" (JLU Season 2)

"The Greatest Story Never Told" (JLU Season 1)

"Patriot Act" (JLU Season 2)

"Twilight (Of The Gods)" (JL Season 2 Premiere)

"Only a Dream" (JL Season 2)

"The Once And Future Thing" (JLU Season 1 Finale)

"Wild Cards" (JL Season 2)

"The Terror Beyond" (JL Season 2)

"Clash" (JLU Season 2)

"Injustice for All" (JL Season 1)

"Tabula Rasa" (JL Season 2)

This Little Piggy

"Alive!" (JLU Season 3)

"Comfort and Joy" (JL Season 2)

"The Brave and the Bold" (JL Season 1)

Kid Stuff (JLU Season 1)

"Hearts and Minds" (JL Season 2)

"A Knight of Shadows" (JL Season 1)

Grudge Match

Panic In The Sky

"The Savage Time" (JL Season 1 Finale) Listed twice