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Best Episode: Adventure Time

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

At issue:

The best episodes of Adventure Time

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I Remember You

What Was Missing

Holly Jolly Secrets Parts 1 & 2

Simon and Marcy

It Came From the Nightosphere

Fionna and Cake

Finn the Human + Jake the Dog

Thank You

Memory of a Memory

Mortal Folly

Dad's Dungeon

The Lich

The Vault

No One Can Hear You

Princess Cookie

The Enchiridion!

Burning Low

Mortal Recoil


Sons of Mars




Lady & Peebles

Too Young

Wake Up + Escape From the Citadel

Susan Strong

The Eyes

Go With Me


Hot to the Touch

Marceline's Closet

Return to the Nightosphere

Bad Little Boy

Be More

The Creeps

Daddy's Little Monster


All The Little People

Frost and Fire

Sky Witch

Lemonhope Part 1 and 2

Ocean of Fear

Ghost Princess

The Real You

Jake the Brick

Freak City

Beyond this Earthly Realm

Mystery Dungeon


Jake vs. Me-Mow

Ignition Point

What Have You Done?

Blade of Grass

The Chamber of Frozen Blades

The Limit

Another Way

Morituri Te Salutamus

King Worm

You Made Me!

The Tower

Dungeon Train

Earth & Water

Root Beer Guy


Little Brother

Is That You?

Belly of the Beast

The Other Tarts

Video Makers

From Bad to Worse

What is Life?

Return To The Nightosphere + Daddy's Little Monster

One Last Job


Death in Bloom

Time Sandwich

Bad Timing

Something Big

The Cooler


Five Short Graybles

Rainy Day Daydream

Jake the Dad

Vault of Bones

BMO Lost


Tree Trunks

Astral Plane

Joshua and Margaret Investigations

Power Animal

Guardians of Sunshine

The Jiggler

The New Frontier

James Baxter the Horse

Apple Thief

Wizards Only, Fools

The Party's Over, Isla de Seņorita

Gold Stars


Walnuts & Rain

You Forgot Your Floaties

Hot Diggety Doom / The Comet

The Hall of Egress

Come Along With Me

Her Parents

Adventure Time (Pilot)

Jake Suit

Who Would Win?

The Mountain


The Music Hole



A Glitch Is A Glitch

Box Prince


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Too Old