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Best Episode: Acquisitions Incorporated

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This is a vote-off for the Best Episode EVAH for this series.

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S5E1: "The Last Will and Testament of James Darkmagic I" (live game)

S7E1: "Ark of the Mad Mage" (podcast)

S9E2: "Darkmagic vs. Do'Urden" (live game)

S6E1: "The Lost Episode" (live game)

S8E2: "Five Heads are Better than None" (live game)

S7E2: "Ark of the Mad Mage" (live game)

The Series: "Part Two" (Cloud Giant Fortress)

S10E5 (PAX West 2016 live game)

The Holiday Special

S11E3: "Enter the Trash Witch" (podcast)

S11E4 (PAX West 2017 live game)

S11E6 (The "A" Team's PAX South 2018 live game)

S3E1: "The Ambershard Manor" (podcast)

S10E1: "How Not to Host a Murder" (Mike's mini-adventure)

S10E2: "I.S.T.A.R. Facilities" (Pat's mini-adventure)

The Series: "Part One" (Horne Enclave)

S11E2 (PAX East 2017 live game)

S1E1: "The Keep on the Shadowfell" (podcast)

S2E1: "The Tower of Goldenhawk" (podcast)

S4E1: "The Prisoners of Slaughterfast" (live game)

S8E1: "Dragons Over Easy" (live game)

S9E1: "Playing With Fire" (live game)

S11E1 (PAX South 2017 live game)

S11E5 (The "A" Team's PAX Unplugged 2017 live game)