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Alternative Titles: Idiot Savant

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At issue:

This is a crowner for the trope merged out of The Rainman and Idiot Savant.

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Idiot Savant


  • The most commonly known name for the trope.
  • Does not fit real world Savant Syndrome and thus encompasses a wider variety of examples in the public mind.


  • Offensive to people with actual Savant Syndrome.
  • Because the new trope is not going to have quite the same definition as the trope currently called Idiot Savant, there is a good chance that people will mistakenly use the term for the current definition of the trope and not the new definition, which will cause misuse.

Rainman Savant


  • Combines the two most popular terms for this trope (idiot savant and rainman)
  • Isn't offensive
  • Isn't as likely to be mistaken for the current, pre-merged tropes as just using Idiot Savant or The Rain Man, and thus is less likely to attract misuse.


  • Isn't, by itself, an established term for this trope

Mentally Disabled Savant:

  • It is consistent with the medical definitions of the condition, but avoids using a specific current or obsolete medical term with a specific meaning, thereby allowing this trope to be used for characters that are inspired by the condition but may not be a medically accurate portrayal of the condition.
  • It is less likely to be offensive.
  • It emphasizes the requirement that the trope be associated with mental disabilities and disorders rather than just plain stupidity or foolishness.
  • Autistic Savant, Idiot Savant, Savant Syndrome and The Rain Man can be redirects, meaning that people can still use other well known terms to find the article.
  • It is consistent with Disability Superpower, which is a related trope.

The Rain Man


  • Used colloquially to refer to savants, particularly of the Hollywood variety.
  • Not an offensive term for a savant.


  • Still not as well known as Idiot Savant
  • Since the merged trope won't be exactly The Rain Man as it is now, could cause some misuse down the line.

Savant Syndrome


  • The official medical term for the condition


  • Not as well known or recognized as Idiot Savant
  • Sounds like a disease and not a character

Disordered Savant

Prodigious Savant


  • A correct term for certain kinds of savants, especially those most often found in media.
  • Is self explanatory: Prodigy + (idiot) Savant


  • Not as well known as Idiot Savant
  • The name is redundant: "Savant" means "Scholar" or 'learned person', not 'idiot'.

The Savant


  • Puts the focus on the character type rather than the condition, as both Idiot Savant and The Rain Man are character tropes.
  • Can be used for both realistic and unrealistic portrayals without suggesting that unrealistic portrayals accurately depict Savant Syndrome or that it is appropriate to use derogatory terms for those that actually do have Savant Syndrome.


  • "Savant" can also mean a learned or wise person who doesn't have savant syndrome.