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Alternative Titles: Gotterdammerung

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Twilight Of The Gods - it means the exact same thing as Gotterdammerung, and has all the same problems as the former. Just pointing that out.

The Lost Age

The Lost Golden Age

End Of The Golden Age

Autumn After Antiquity

The Age of Man

The Age Of Miracles Is Past

The Rusted Age

Forgotten Age Of Gods

Remnants Of A Golden Age

"We Are Degenerate In These Times"

Some version of that phrase has been used repeatedly for millennia to bewail the loss of an idyllic Age when people were all diligent, guileless, considerate, and perhaps even magical (whether it was the era of, say, Classical Greece or of John Boy Walton).

When The Earth Was Still Flat

Dusk Of The Gods

The Gods are gone

Here There Were Dragons

Gott ist Tot