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Alternative Titles: Boat Lights

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Mismatched Eyes

Pro: Makes it clear that the characters eyes don't match each other.

Con: Can be misunderstood to include other differences than color, such as size or shape.

Heterochromia (current redirect)


  • Currently already a redirect.
  • Proper name for the condition.


  • Not a commonly-known word.
  • May present spelling problems.
  • Not immediately clear that it refers to eyes.

Boat Light Eyes

Pros: More or less keeps the existing title by adding a clarifying qualifier. More interesting than a plain description (Your Mileage May Vary)

Con: Still doesn't automatically convey what "boat lights" means (Your Mileage May Vary for remembering it.)

Heterochromatic Eyes


  • Proper scientific term for the condition.
  • "Eyes" makes it clear from the name that the trope is about a character's eyes.


  • Open to misspelling.
  • Not a commonly-known word.

Desu Eyes


  • Immediately recognizable to most fans of anime at least due to Memetic Mutation.
  • Can be used to Pot Hole, but still lets readers know it has to do with eyes.
  • Still references Rozen Maiden.
  • Easier to remember than Heterochromia.


  • Is not immediately apparent to anyone new to anime or the internet in general.

Bowie Eyes


  • Clearly about eyes
  • People familiar with David Bowie know it's about his heterochromia.


  • Meaningless for people who don't know who David Bowie is.

One Eye Blue One Eye Something

Two Eyes, Two/Different Colors


Odd Eyes (Also what it's sometimes referred to as.)

Dual Colored Eyes


  • Clearly about eye color


  • Can be misunderstood to mean eyes that are two colors at once, for example predominantly green with a gold ring around the pupil.

Eyes Of A Different Color


  • Clearly about eye color.


  • Sounds like it could apply to a character with non-normal eye color (purple, silver, red, etc.) in general rather than specifically two different eye colors

Traffic Light Eyes


  • Clearly about eyes


  • Implies that the eyes change color.
  • Emphasizes red-green, red-yellow or yellow-green combinations.
  • Implies three eyes.

Dyed Windows



  • Meaning is opaque unless the connection is made to "the eyes are the windows of the soul".
  • Implies that the color is artificially changed.