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* PetTheDog: When Kimihito and the girls need to get to Miia's hometown, the director charters a flight for them that caters to extraspecies. The family spends a bit of time debating whether or not him doing so is a case of this: Rachnera, unsurprisingly, is skeptical and certain he'll ask for something in return, before musing that who knows: [[CharacterDevelopment he very well might just be thanking them for Kimihito's help on the farm, which proved to be incredibly lucrative]].

This page is for the assorted human characters that appear in ''Manga/MonsterMusume''.


This page is for the assorted human characters that appear in ''Manga/MonsterMusume''.

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This page is for the assorted human characters that appear in ''Manga/MonsterMusume''.


[[folder:The Racist Couple]]


-> The man is voiced by: Daiki Hamano (Japanese), Creator/AndrewLove (English)
-> The woman is voiced by: Ayaka Shimizu (Japanese), Katelyn Barr (English)

The ThoseTwoGuys of the series, a pair of grade-A {{Jerkass}}es who tends to show up from time to time, mostly appearing wherever Kimihito and the girls are appearing.
* AccentAdaptation: The English Dub gives them both southern accents, with the man in particular talking like a loud hillbilly redneck, likely to fit with their FantasticRacism of monster girls, which racism alone can associate with white trash LowerClassLout {{Corrupt Hick}}s.
* AdaptationalAttractiveness: They are less {{Gonk}}y in the anime then in the manga.
* AmbiguousSituation: [[spoiler: Whether or not they died in the car crash in the final chapter of the D Arc. On one hand, they survived a previous car crash beforehand, this series usually runs on {{Amusing Injuries}}, and they make a cameo appearance during Chapter 32. On the other hand, said cameo is during a flashback that could have easily occurred before the crash, and outside of that they're never seen again. The anime throws out the ambiguity and makes it pretty obvious that they died]].
* AssholeVictim: [[spoiler: Their final appearance outside of a flashback and {{Imagine Spot}} heavily implies that they both died in a car crash caused by Cerea while she was carrying Kimihito away from Lala. Not only is it hard to feel any sympathy for them, but even in-universe their deaths go completely unnoticed despite the fact that an accidental killing of two humans at the hands of a monster should have attracted media and government attention]].
* ButtMonkey: As a result of the couple's general dickisness, they end up getting injured frequently and getting scared to the point of unconsciousness, eventually culminating in [[spoiler: them possibly dying in a brutal car accident]].
* TheCameo: Have a very brief one in Chapter 32, when Ils Nineta is talking about her failed attempts at attracting people to the shrine leading to people thinking that it's haunted, and a news report is shown of a shadow popping up behind them when they took a photo, with the implication that they got the crap scared out of them shortly afterwards.
* {{Catchphrase}}: Usually a drawn out "Nasty!"
* DarkSkinnedBlond: The girl looks like a ganguro.
* DirtyCoward: The man gleefully tries to rape Cerea in chapter 16, using [[LoopholeAbuse the law that liminals can't hurt humans]] to prevent her from fighting back. Then Rachnera shows up, making it clear she [[ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight doesn't care about said law]], and the man is so terrified that he passes out.
* EvenEvilHasStandards: They may be colossal dicks, but the man freaks out and frantically tries to evade when a little kid wanders in front of his car.
* EveryCarIsAPinto:[[spoiler: How they die in the anime. For some reason their truck explodes after Cerea jumps on the hood and activates the airbags, unlike the manga where it just crashes into a wall]].
* FantasticRacism: Pretty much all they do is throw bigoted insults at the monster girls just for the sake of messing with them.
* GangBangers: The man in the couple seems to be one of these.
* {{Gonk}}: Look at all the other humans. Look at all the other monster girls. ''Now look at them.'' It's really only in the manga, though.
* HateSink: Due to them being called "The Racist Couple," it's no surprise they are this of the manga and anime during their appearances.
* ImagineSpot: One of their last appearances is Kimihito imagining a scenario the two of them finding him carrying Lala's severed head, freaking out and then reporting him to the cops.
* {{Jerkass}}: They don't limit their dickery to monster girls; other humans are also targeted by their harassment.
* KarmicDeath: In the anime [[UncertainDoom and possibly the manga]], [[spoiler: they are both ultimately killed in a car accident unknowingly caused by Centorea, who the man had attempted to rape several episodes/chapters ago]].
* LaserGuidedKarma: Whenever they show up, expect something bad to happen to them very soon such as getting punched in the face by Kimihito when they insult Miia.
** In the final episode of the anime they apparently [[spoiler:die in a car accident caused by Centorea. Their car blew up!]]
* LowerClassLout: The women is a ganguro and the man is apparently part of a group of GangBangers and given an AccentAdaptation as a degenerate CorruptHick redneck to match his FantasticRacism.
* NotSoHarmlessVillain: The man upgrades from harmless, if annoying HateSink {{Jerkass}} to out-and-out villainy in chapter 16, in which he very nearly crosses the MoralEventHorizon in his [[RapeAsDrama attempted rape]] of Centorea. One can only hope he took the [[NightmareFace warning]] Rachnera gave him to heart...
* ShooOutTheClowns: They were effectively PutOnABusToHell, having never been seen again ever since Centorea crashed their car.
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: "Randomly show up to give the main characters grief" pretty much sums up their role.
* TooDumbToLive: They have a habit of driving around needlessly fast, which ended up causing them to crash. They don't learn from this and ''still'' continue to drive recklessly, [[spoiler: and this is what may have ultimately killed them when they run into Centorea again and are unable to stop, resulting in them getting into an even worse car accident {And, in the anime, a straight-up explosion that undoubtedly killed them both}.]]
* UncertainDoom: The last time we ever see them was when they ended up in a pretty brutal car accident caused by Centorea that totally wrecked said car with them inside, and they haven't been seen since then. In the anime this is averted, because [[spoiler: the car they are inside is very clearly seen exploding in the background right after they crash, so they are very likely dead]].

[[folder:Neighbourhood Kids]]

-> The girl with the hat is voiced by: Yuiko Tatsumi (Japanese), Creator/CarliMosier (English)

A bunch of kids that live in the neighbourhood.
* AscendedExtra: Downplayed, but they appear a bit more in the anime.
* DamselInDistress: The most frequently seen girl was first seen stuck up a tree and the second time she was nearly hit by a car.
* DirtyKid: The boys like playing with Papi so they could get her clothes wet and see-through.
* RecurringExtra: They appear a little here and there.
* WaterGunsAndBalloons: The boys challenged Papi to a water fight so that they could enjoy her SexySoakedShirt.

[[folder:Bicycle Cop]]


-> Voiced by: Atsushi Kousaka (Japanese), Greg Cole (English)

A local police officer that shows up every now and then.
* AllThereInTheManual: According to the DVD/BD credits, his name is Satsuke.
* AscendedExtra: Downplayed in the anime. While he still doesn't have a major role, he does make more appearances than he did in the manga.
* ByTheBookCop: His adherence to the rules would have gotten Papi deported had Ms. Smith not showed up.
* CowardlyLion: Scares easily, but usually tries to do his job anyway.
* DramaticIrony: He really doesn't know it but had he really successfully deport Papi in Chapter 3, [[spoiler:he would find himself in trouble with his own boss (the Police Chief himself) since he unknowingly deported his daughter.]]
* PoliceAreUseless: He never once manages to actually be useful: he either arrives too late on the scene, fails to notice what's happening, or gets scared and runs away.
* PunnyName: His name Satsuke is derived from the Japanese word "keisatsu", meaning "police".
* RecurringExtra: He makes sporadic appearances throughout the series.
* StopOrIWillShoot: Almost shot Kimihito after he found him holding [[HeadlessHorseman Lala's]] [[LosingYourHead severed head]] in the park at night.

[[folder:Police Chief]]


-> Voiced by: Takuya Masumoto (Japanese), Creator/JohnSwasey (English)

A police officer that first appeared to deal with the orcs in chapter 11.
* {{Fetish}}: [[{{Foreshadowing}} Has a thing]] for ganguro (dark skin/blond hair style), schoolgirl clothes, and other such things that [[{{Foreshadowing}} his wife is happy to cater to]].
* HappilyMarried: Even though he and his wife don't live together.
* LukeIAmYourFather: An extra in volume 7 reveals that [[spoiler: he's actually Papi's father.]]
* NoNameGiven: Like so many other minor characters in the series.
* ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight: Attempts this but is quickly shot down.

[[folder:Kasegi/The Director]]


-> Voiced by: Creator/KeijiFujiwara (Japanese), Steven Finley (English)

A ConMan looking to make money out of monster girls. Posed as a documentary filmmaker in order to get into the Kurusu household. Last seen getting arrested by MON.
* BullyingADragon: Really should have kept his opinion of Rachnera to himself.
* DepravedDwarf: The anime makes it clear that he's a midget, and he's certainly depraved.
* EngineeredPublicConfession: His real thoughts are broadcasted thanks to Suu's powers, and all pretenses of filming for science quickly fall down (he even refers to the girls as "extraspecies retards").
* LoopholeAbuse:
** Japan's censorship laws apparently doesn't apply to monster girls.
** When the monster girls get offended at stuff he asks them or requests, he continually reminds them that they'd be violating the law if they attack him. Fortunately Kimihito also uses this trope against the guy, hitting him in much the same manner as he did with the racist couple that continually insulted Miia.
* MuggingTheMonster: While he was correct in assuming the girls couldn't harm him without getting in huge trouble, the scrawny, blank-eyed, unassuming teenager taking care of them was more than happy to lay him out for messing with his family.
* NoNameGiven: Introduces himself as Kasegi at first, but that name turns out to be fake. This doesn't stop the English release from repeatedly referring to him as such in volume 4.
* SolidGoldPoop: Was planning to make money by selling Papi's egg, Miia's cast off skin and Rachnera's web.
* SuperHumanTrafficking: Bought Rachnera (or more accurately, the right to host her) from the Kunanzuki family.

[[folder:Ren Kunanzuki]]


-> Voiced by: Creator/JulietSimmons (English)

The daughter of Rachnera's first host family. She tried - and failed - to adopt Rachnera back into her family.
* TheAtoner: She wanted to readopt Rachnera out of guilt for her parents selling her.
* {{Determinator}}: Her response to everything that happens to her is to bring on the next challenge, such as repeatedly trying to eat [[LethalChef Miia's]] latest dish despite passing out from the smell each time.
* InnocentlyInsensitive: She has a bad habit of insulting people without actively trying to. Kimihito even refused to let her readopt Rachnera because she kept treating Rachnera like a challenge to overcome instead of an actual person.

[[folder:Yuuhi Hajime]]


A young girl staying at the same hospital Kimihito gets admitted to.
* EmergencyTransformation: Because she's dying without having had the chance to enjoy her life to the fullest, [[spoiler:Lala uses a tooth taken from Zombina in order to transform Yuuhi into a zombie.]]
* FriendlyZombie: Yuuhi Hajime is a normal girl who had a terminal illness and lost her desire to live and make friends. To "save" her, [[HeadlessHorseman Lala]] gets one of Zombina's teeth and infects her into becoming a zombie. After dying and being zombified, Yuuhi becomes happy that she is finally free from having to worry about the disease and now she can make friends and enjoy her (un)life again.
* IllGirl: Exactly what she suffers from is unclear. What we ''do'' know is... it's terminal.
* ViralTransformation: At the end of chapter 38, [[spoiler:she's turned into a zombie. You know, a monstergirl. Until Ms. Smith points it out (and even afterward) [[OurZombiesAreDifferent there's no actual difference besides the fact she's not breathing and doesn't have a pulse, which Yuuhi herself hadn't even noticed.]]]]

[[folder:The Broker]]

The president of the Black Lily advanced materials laboratory.
* AffablyEvil: 'Evil' may be a stretch, but the Broker's a genuinely friendly, genial fellow, even as he's maneuvering you where he wants you to be and watching you squirm.
* BenevolentBoss: Appears to be well liked by the girls supplying him with materials.
* ConnectedAllAlong: Is Kasegi/The Director's younger brother, something he understandably doesn't want advertised.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Pretty low on the corruption index, but his practices walk a ''very'' fine line of legality.
* {{Foil}}: To Miss Smith. Where she is an underpaid government worker, he is a profit-seeking and rich businessman. Where she believes a lot of government regulation is necessary to enable liminals to live with humans safely, he thinks liminals would be better off with less regulation and seems less concerned about dangers than Smith. Where she supports laws she may herself see as silly, he only supports what he believes in and does what he can to skirt laws he doesn't agree with. He even wears colors the direct opposite of her own. They are both snarky and clever, but he seems more diplomatic in the way he words things compared to Smith's often harsh and blunt speech.
* LoopholeAbuse: He insists that he's skirting the law, ''not'' breaking it.
* KarmaHoudini: Because of his loophole use and pragmatism, he ends up not only avoiding charges for the slime incident, he acquired the problematic slime for further use, his further manipulations ends up with Kimihito and the main ladies in his debt, allowing him to use him for a job or two. He knows he's walking a thin line though, and repeatedly ponders if he's going too far.
* KarmaHoudiniWarranty: His actions of skirting close to the line bite him hard in chapter 66 where [[spoiler:the experimental filtration system for Yukio's bath house is revealed to be using Nega-Suu as the filtration processor. He never considers that exposing a slime, who previously pursued Suu to breed, to dozens, if not hundreds of DNA samples from guests would not only cause a multiplication of the slime into a multitude of new humanoid slimes, but also burst out of the filtration unit, causing further damages to the bath house. Yukio forces him in the end to pay for the damages done to the inn and finding any other slime girls made by this process who went off with other customers of Yukio's dating service]].
--> '''Broker:''' Shit! I'm in the red!
* MainliningTheMonster: His entire schtick is earning money from materials produced by liminal bodies, or things made using those materials.
* ManipulativeBastard: It's almost scary how good this guy is. He has Kimihito and co. in checkmate in a matter of a few chapters, including Rachnera who had up until Chapter 57 had been the most vocal in her disdain for him, and in a way that Smith couldn't retaliate against him: he has Centorea, Mero, Miia and Papi indulge themselves in his company's spa treatments, only to slap Kimihito with the tab so he ends up working for him on the ranch, and then Rachnera, who he had his eye on employing from the beginning, joins in to help Kimihito get out of it (though only long enough to pay off Kimihito's debt, which she manages to do quite quickly).
* OnlyInItForTheMoney: Shamelessly. He outwardly admits he's greedy, and he's doing quite well for himself. Albeit, he claims his efforts do more to help liminals long-term than the government's often fickle rules, and he goes out of his way to almost pamper his clients, which can't be cheap.
* OrderVersusChaos: His relationship with Miss Smith: while she enforces the law no matter it's flaws, and considers breaking the law for short-term advantages to be the wrong approach, the President believes that restricting liminals with what he calls 'ridiculous regulations' to be hurting them in the long run.
* PragmaticVillainy: A firm believer in the idea that you catch more flies with honey than you do vinegar, treating his clients extremely well despite the questionable legality of what he does.
* WorkOffTheDebt: He is the recipient of the debt. He charges a substantial immigration fee to the monster girls he brings into the country and provides them with work to pay off the debt. They're not forced to work for ''him'', but he pays well, and about 70% of them keep doing it even after clearing it.


The current communal husband for Miia's village. Shinshi is a courteous, handsome gentleman and a skilled lover, but he's getting on in years...
* BigDamnHeroes: When Kimihito and the girls are getting mobbed by horny lamias, Shinshi walks by and saves them by effortlessly pleasuring all of the offending parties into submission, and promising more later.
* CoolOldGuy: Despite his age, Shinshi is still effortlessly cool and suave. He's beaten out all the other breeders of all the other lamia tribes multiple times running, to keep his own tribe on top.
* DentedIron: The reason Miia's mother called in Kimihito: despite still being an expert breeder, Shinshi's starting to have some health problems after a lifetime of sating a whole village of horny snakes, especially crippling back pains. [[spoiler: Albeit it turns out his back isn't actually much of a problem (it hurts at times but is far from debilitating), since he can satisfy lamias using nothing but his incredibly skilled fingers, Miia's mother just played up the problem to convince Kimihito to take his place so that she could arrange situations where Miia would be motivated to advance her relationship with Kimihito.]]
* DubNameChange: "Studmuffin" in the Seven Seas translation.
* {{Polyamory}}: He's the collective husband of the entire lamia tribe, after Miia's dad, one of the previous breeders, just hated snakes too much to stick around. Albeit, its notable that he makes a point of not having sex with any of the younger generation of lamias, perhaps because they are likely to be his daughters.
* PornStache: Emphasis on the ''porn''... though, it is also a sign of his age, in a way. He was the last generation's "breeder," and while he's still incredibly good at his job, he's well past his prime.
* SilverFox: He's drawn as handsome, despite his age, and none of the various ladies in his life seem to complain.

[[folder:The Dating Pool Trio]]
Three guys that came to Yukio's mixed-bathing dating service looking to be hosts for liminals, and the focus characters of Chapter 65.
* AudienceSurrogate: They give us a look at the average person in this world attempting to host monster girls, having no government attention, no crazy-impressive skills or drive, and no access to ridiculous funds, showing the actual difficulties that would come with trying to house an inhuman girl with needs very different from those of normal humans.
* ChivalrousPervert: They mainly went through the system for hosting liminals and coming to the dating service to be able to get cute and sexy monster girls they could ogle at all the time, but when they realize they might not be equipped to provide for their happiness, they doubt their own convictions, and when another guy comes onto the girls they were after despite their discomfort towards him, the three do what they can to get him to leave them alone despite believing they don't have a chance getting the girls. In fact, a big part of the reason the girls actually went with the boys was because of how far they were willing to go for their happiness.
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: When they find monster girls that each of them like, they try to immediately go for them before hearing and seeing all the needs and requirements necessary to host them while keeping them happy. When they realize they don't have what it takes to go that far, they decide it would most likely be for the best they find another host family. Though luckily for them, it turns out there's no need for this, as what they thought they lacked for being hosts were actually no problem at all for the particular girls they wanted.
* JerkassRealization: They arrive at the dating service fully planning to just nab some monster girls, but once they see all the requirements that go into hosting a monster girl, especially the ones that would make them happy, they realize that they were only thinking of their own interests and end up doubting if they deserve to host any monster girl.
* KarmicJackpot: Following all the things they saw and heard during their trip to the dating service, they came to believe they had neither any hope nor the right to get together with the monster girls they were attracted to. However, after they save the girls from a creepy pervert and show that they genuinely have the girls' best interests in mind, said girls reveal that what the boys thought would be problems for hosting them weren't problems at all, and the kindness and care they were shown made them decide to make the boys their hosts anyway. It's even shown at the end of their debut chapter and in a follow-up chapter that they also get to fulfill their more carnal desires with the girls, becoming their lovers.

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