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Honestly, this series gets far more credit than it deserves. I am aware that it has popularized some of the tropes used in some works, but that doesn't excuse it from having a good plot. The characters seem to be clutching the Idiot Ball at all times. I also think that it suffers from The Chris Carter Effect, the author seems to have no real plan. However, with the new things going on in some of the science-based arcs, it seems to be improving.

It does have some good points. The music is very good, and spans almost all genres. Also, the art quality and style tend to remain constant throughout (although heavy zooms either direction tend to change this very quickly.) Magic A Is Magic A tends to run very cohesively from arc to arc.

All in all, it's a very good series, but it gets far more credit than it deserves. Just ignore the utterly MASSIVE Broken Base and you should be fine.


All the unbelievable storylines just annoy me. First America was against Britian, then ITSELF, then Germany twice, then Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Afganistain, Iraq, Iran, and Iraq again? It's only been around two hundred years are we really expected to believe it got in wars with ALL these countries? and what happened to that whole Russia plotline? it just kind of fizzed out. But on the bright side the moon landing was a great crowning moment of heartwarming.
comment #964 wellinever 11th Sep 09
I've spent most of my life on an Archive Binge and I STILL have about 90% left to go. Not to mention the lack of any distinct Main Characters. That said, characterisation tends to be pretty in depth and realistic.
comment #965 Wretchkin 11th Sep 09
"Not to mention the lack of any distinct Main Characters."

I regard that as an advantage, really. It helps emphasize the Gray And Gray Morality angle. Of course, there's Fan Wank suggesting that you are really the only character and every other character is a figment of your imagination.

I dare say that for all its gameplay flaws and Idiot Plot, the graphics far surpass any other work. You can't get this high of a resolution on any console or PC, that's for certain.
comment #969 Cliche 11th Sep 09 (edited by: Cliche)
I do think it would be improved quite a bit if the writers weren't all addicted to Downer Endings, though.
comment #972 RobinZimm 12th Sep 09
I really don't get what's so good about it.

It's horribly tough to keep up, especially those early arcs.

The creator always seems to place hidden meanings (Even though there never actually is...) and Alternate Character Interpretations everywhere.

There's Loads And Loads Of Characters, with many of them being stereotype and many of them Wangsting. It's hard to keep track of all of them. Hell, it's IMPOSSIBLE to keep track of all of them. They always seem to want to break the fourth wall and generally Wrong Genre Savvy. I will admit that many characters are interesting, though.

Not only that, but the creator seems to think that he's very clever just by hiding certain plot points which could be so freaking important to understand the whole damn thing!

The creator also gives characters arcs of Character development with nothing happening to advance the plot (If there even is one). You'd think that he'd be able to do something like combine them.

And while Real Life does seem to have good graphics, I prefer consoles. The creator puts them to utter waste. Something cool happens maybe like, once in a blue moon. At least in other consoles, I can see cool shit happening all the time. Not only that, but the creator places not-so-attractive characters all around you which makes you wish that you were playing a console game instead.

That's all I have to say. I don't get why everyone in the world is so addicted to this thing, though. Still, I'm not sure I want to follow in the footsteps of others and give up this incredibly tough game yet. It has its ups and downs. And it's very amusing.
comment #984 Roihu 14th Sep 09
Oh man, Someguy reminded me of the other thing: what's with the no-save-files? It is like the ultimate in Bladder Of Steel gameplay!

I will say, though, that the selection of Mini Games the developers have implemented is fantastic.
comment #993 RobinZimm 14th Sep 09
To prevent Save Scumming and add Fake Difficulty, of course.
comment #995 Cliche 15th Sep 09
Why do people keep trying to compare all its mini-games and hidden cutscenes to this? Come on! I mean, the main game doesn't have zombies or Godzilla, and sure, you have to pay for them, but I mean, the main game's already as frustrating as it is!

Anyway, I feel way too much equipment, buffs, and features get ignored by fans until someone picks up on them years later. The mod squads aren't good enough in certain areas or people hate them for trivial bullshit, and the complaint system sucks by region, too.
comment #1011 Dick Richardson 17th Sep 09
Also did we ever find out who Jack the Ripper was? Or did they just drop that altogether.
comment #1056 wellinever 27th Sep 09
Saving it for the sequel, I guess.
comment #1058 Draconis 27th Sep 09
Oh, god. Real Life is a Mind Screw. Of course, I rather appreciate many of the screwy elements, but I'm kind of nervous about the possibility of Sequel Itis
comment #1191 LeighSabio 27th Oct 09 (edited by: LeighSabio)
Well, word on the street is that the sequel is subject to Development Hell.
comment #1194 Dracomicron 28th Oct 09

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