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09:49:35 PM Sep 22nd 2013
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Alright, going over the page, The Scrappy section could use a clean-up, most of these examples are Base Breakers, they have fans, they have haters. With the way it's going, any character can be added (Except Caliborn), Jake is listed twice for different reasons (three if you count the tricksters), and many of these characters (like Vriska and Snowman, and a bunch of others) are listed under Base Breaker. Scrappy calls for a good section of the fandom to hate on the character. I really like the Web Comics entry, which acknowledges most characters as Base Breakers, and gives evidence of the only clearly listed example.

I'm axing the bad examples but I'm open to anyone's thoughts.

EDIT: Examples cut
09:36:08 AM Sep 11th 2013
In reply to Rose and Kanaya falling under Foe Yay.

Is having a single argument really enough to make anyone classify them under Foe Yay? Am I missing something?

Because I seriously feel like it doesn't fall under that definition at all, but I may be wrong.
04:00:43 PM Sep 14th 2013
Foe Yay is romance between enemies, or sexual tension between enemies. Rose and Kanaya have a relationship argument which isn't indicative of either. I agree with you.
04:08:46 AM Jan 27th 2013
edited by NinjaDragon
In Author's Saving Throw:

"Then, of course, there's the revelation that the Trickster shenanigans were All Just A Mushroom Samba Fever Dream."

They weren't. Hussie just confirmed the Trickster Mode did happen. The All Just a Dream thing was just a theory by the fans, which lasted for about 24 hours.
11:03:05 AM Mar 21st 2011
RE: Nightmare retardant

"The Sliding Scale Of Comedy And Horror trope says that both are different sides of the same coin and need to be separate. Mixing them together results in Nightmare Retardant. If you disagree, well, it's on YMMV for a reason. " -Terminus Est 13

If you read the trope, it doesn't say that at all, or even insinuate such a conclusion. It goes way in the opposite direction, going as far as to establish categories of how much of one is present compared to the other and how they interact. Homestuck happens to be a comedy dominant work, just one where the threats presented are played more straight than in a movie like Ghostbusters.

Disagreeing on whether or not certain events in Homestuck have been made more compelling by the mixing of comedy and horror is one thing, but to disavow any possibility of the two mixing is, quite simply, asinine. The trope contains an entire list of works that have used combinations in varying balances and measures of success. If you're going to say that it simply doesn't work that way, then I guess you need to delete the whole trope.
01:47:31 PM Mar 21st 2011
edited by TerminusEst13
Call me asinine, then. But that's not what I'm saying, and sorry if I gave that impression.

Take a look at some choice lines. "Comedy dominant works have more leeway here. They may be a straight up comedy set in a typical horror setting or premise, or use Black Comedy and Dead Baby Comedy along with splatter horror to maximum effect. Comedy dominant works often deconstruct horror tropes for laughs, other times playing them hilariously straight as an Affectionate Parody (with perhaps a Lampshade Hanging). [...]

Of course, these works have one big problem they have to fight: avoiding jumping the shark due to Mood Whiplash. Avoiding this requires that the comedy or horror not break the feel of the established setting. Slapstick in the middle of suspenseful horror, or remorselessly and humorlessly killing a character in a comedy would do this."

Suspenseful horror = scary. Homestuck = comedy. It does have some pretenses to being serious, but what it's trying to do is seriously convince people that the friendly clown that wanted some pies and friendship is suddenly a terrifying monster. That honks, shifts into S Ba HJ art, makes "scary" writings on the wall, and gets defeated by a groin attack, all at the drop of a hat and without any real build-up or preparation beforehand whatsoever.

The problem isn't that they exist together in a single work, because that would be horribly stupid to complain about and I think that's what I gave an impression of. The problem is that he's trying to have both at once within just the span of a couple panels, or in the exact same panel. No, sorry, I'm not going to have nightmares and I'm not going to be terrified. Perhaps I'm the only man incapable of taking something seriously when the author is making fun of it and making it the butt of jokes, but suddenly trying to go THIS IS REALLY TERRIFYING GUYS YOU SHOULD BE SCARED AT THIS or HAH HAH THIS IS REALLY FUNNY GUYS ISN'T THIS SO SILLY after building up the other or without any major build up at all is...well. Not the best way to do things.
09:10:48 AM Mar 18th 2011
I deleted a section under Small Name, Big Ego saying Hussie's seems to be getting a swelled about Homestuck. The quote cited was clearly referring to sheer amount of stuff going on the story, rather than any comment whether the comic's actually good or not. Hussie has stated multiple times that he in no way considers Homestuck a magnum opus.

BTW, if you find the way I've worded these edits a little too pro-Hussie, could we take it up here? I'm going for neutrality here and I'd like to avoid an edit war.
09:38:29 AM Mar 21st 2011
Even if he doesn't consider it a magnum opus, he has stated several times that's it far bigger and grander than most other works really you guys it's going so be so awesome and amazing. He has also gone into NUMEROUS absolutely GIGANTIC rants against people who dared to criticize things or offer an opinion different from his own, and has also stated that the only person whose opinion is worth considering with this story is his own.

If people interpreted it another way, then no, it wasn't "clearly" referring to that. It's YMMV for a reason. Some people think he's getting swelled. Others think he doesn't. YMMV.
08:26:28 AM Jan 23rd 2011
Is it really necessary to have an Eridan topic here? Vriska has one because she has ways for the audience to sympathize with her and a uniquely polarizing story and personality. I'm fairly sure no one is actually cheering Eridan on for recent updates.
02:39:21 PM Jan 30th 2011
edited by gumbal1
I think it's the question of the fact that he might have only killed Feferi because she attacked him first, therefore it's up in the air as to whether or not he's really salvageable.

That being said, him destroying the matriorb (Which happened after we put his entry up here) probably warrants us putting this part on his character page.
10:17:47 PM Jan 5th 2011
I cut all of this from the YMMV entry for Complete Monster.

I don't think we need this must arguing within the article.

  • "Do you want to flyyyyyyyy, Tavros?" The trolls' world is pretty harsh, but several trolls despise her for this. Not even Doc Scratch understands why any of them still associate with her.
    • The whole FLARP incident is a chain of rather cruel events. Vriska cripples Tavros in a bid of hate courtship, which pisses off Terezi and Aradia. Aradia sends the spirits of those poor souls Vriska's killed to haunt her, and Vriska retaliates by mind-controlling her sorta-boyfriend/close friend Sollux into blasting her to smithereens. Terezi then orchestrates a near-omnipotent man living on the moon into blowing up one of Vriska's eyes and her arm as part of an attempt to kill Vriska outright in revenge. Vriska then, through double-proxy mind control, manipulates Tavros into communing with Terezi's dragon Lusus, leading it to convince a dreaming Terezi into staring into the BLISTERING ALTERNIAN SUN and going blind.
    • SHE CREATED BEC NOIR! Or at least orchestrated all the events that would lead to his creation. If that doesn't earn her Complete Monster points, I don't know what will.
      • Due to the way paradox space works, there really wasn't any way to keep it from happening. For better or worse, Vriska has decided to take an active role in making sure it plays out properly so she can figure out the demon's weaknesses and then take all the credit when she kills him.
    • SHE GOT JOHN KILLED! Or at least allowed him to be killed.
      • To allow his dreamself to take over. Recall, the exact same thing happened to Vriska.
      • And, remember that even when she got John killed, it was purposely in a relatively quick and painless manner, in his sleep. Imagine how worse his death would have been, had Bec Noir killed him while he was awake. This contrasts with how she achieved this, in which she slowly and excruciatingly bled to death after getting her ass handed to her by Aradia. She was denied a quick and painless end by Tavros, who couldn't carry out her Mercy Kill, and he left the scene in tears. She probably didn't want John to suffer the same fate, seen when she offered to put him to sleep on his quest bed, where he would be blissfully unaware of his gruesome end... perhaps Even Evil Has Standards?
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