Tropers / Dr Psyche

Describe Dr. Psyche here:

Dr. Psyche is a pseudonym of someone who lives in the real world. Who is this person? Someone on the internet that's who.

I'm pleasant enough, not very opinionated, obsessed with Transformers and Homestuck.

Describing Me:

  • Aloha Hawaii: It's Sunny and hot and full of tourists.
  • Tear Jerker: Pretty much immune, I can't understand the sheer emotion that people put into these pages, I've only cried once. It was at a Movie, Black Beauty, I was a lot younger, and staring at a TV screen for too long without blinking. I can't relate to it when people say they were choked up or in tears at something, I can watch most sad scenes with a straight face.
    • My Heart is a lump of coal, of course it kinda fell apart, so I replaced it with some obsidian, it's so shiny now.
  • Voice of the Legion: Not me, but Troper LKB, who's been used by me, my brother, and at least 3 of my friends. Now, no one uses it much.

Pages Dr Psyche has created

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Transformers: More than Meets the Eye

Salvation Run

Transformers Maximum Dinobots

Transformers: Drift

Transformers: Combiner Wars

Anime I've watched

I realize I have to make a list because I forget way too easily