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01:34:44 AM Jun 1st 2013
A new season/spinoff has been produced, changes like using live action for all non-Lyoko scenes are pretty big for this series.
01:15:03 PM Jun 1st 2013
That season is at Code Lyoko: Evolution.
07:08:26 PM Jul 22nd 2012
A contested example from the page:
  • Deconstruction: the season 3 basically deconstruct the whole series's concept, down to the Unresolved Sexual Tension between Ulrich and Yumi, by showing us the long-time consequence of their constant fight against XANA.

Please discuss it here.
07:01:53 AM Jul 23rd 2012
I don't really see why this need to be discussed... it seems true enough.
12:36:16 PM Jul 23rd 2012
It is not true at all. Just because season 3 is somewhat different from the rest of the series doesn't make it a deconstruction of the concept (and honestly, it's not THAT different). And the UST is still here, just played a bit differently.
04:37:54 AM Jul 24th 2012
edited by Theokal3
Allow me to disagree; season 1 had the UST, but it was played relatively peacefully; in season 2, it became more agitated due to William, but still present; in season 3, on the other hand, Yumi get sick of this and basically decides she want it to stop (even though it won't), which is basically could be considered as a Reality Ensues compared to the usual reaction of a girl having this problem in fiction (usually in fiction this is what led her to confess her feeling; in Yumi's case, it makes her tired of it and she ends up rejecting both). As for the series itself, I would point out that unlike season 1, where the Lyoko-Warriors had the upper hand usually, and season 2, where it was more an equilibrium between the two sides, season 3 has XANA being basically turned into a borderline Invincible Villain: the Lyoko-Warriors only succeed in delaying his attacks, and in the end he gradually destroys Lyoko part by part, even ending the season with his victory; their fight against XANA finally has negative consequences on their grades, who dropped toward the end of the season, and their attempt to recruit a Sixth Ranger ends up horribly wrong; I personnally think that, from some point of view, it is a deconstruction. Now, it's debatable if season 4 is a reconstruction or not.
06:02:15 AM Jul 24th 2012
edited by StFan
That a series' season shifts somewhat in focus and tone compared to the earlier ones is nothing unusual. Some call it Growing the Beard, some call it Jumping the Shark, but this has nothing to do with a Deconstruction.

Again, Deconstruction, as understood on this wiki, is for TROPES. Stop using that word when you clearly don't understand what it means here. Read the Deconstruction article carefully before coming back. And furthermore, the Not a Deconstruction article.
06:36:50 AM Jul 24th 2012
St Fan, Theokal is arguing that it's deconstructing tropes—Unresolved Sexual Tension and Go To School Save The World. Deconstruction of tropes occurs in works. Also, if you read the articles you pointed to, deconstruction can be applied in a work to a genre as a whole.

However, although it's been a while since I watched the show, I don't think Season 3 counts; I don't recall it going far enough towards reality to count as a deconstruction. Yes, some things took on a slightly more realistic tone (although whether you think that reaction to UST is realistic is subjective—particularly given that Yumi's actions don't hugely change the status quo), but they were still mostly following Rule of Drama—it was just a new way to add tension to the show.
08:58:11 AM Jul 24th 2012
edited by Theokal3
St Fan: as a matter of fact, I did read the Deconstruction article BEFORE writing this on the page, so I pretty much know what I'm talking about. I do admit I forgot to point it was about those tropes however.

Now, while I still have doubt, I admit Nocturna's arguments make sense; the thing is, I was just seeing it as a deconstruction the same way Spider-Man is decribed as a deconstruction of the Super Hero genre. Now, I won't deny I might be wrong.
06:31:35 PM May 7th 2012
Flashback Nightmare: If I remember correctly, (I'd have to watch it again) The things William remembers were not erased by a return to the past, because the wasn't one. He was knocked unconscious and convinced it was all a dream. Perhaps this entry should be removed/altered. Thoughts?
06:38:50 PM May 7th 2012
Maybe it happened in one episode, but globaly I thik he was remembering things that were erased by the Return to the Past. I'd say it needs double-checking before altering anything in the entry.
08:04:37 PM May 9th 2012
That's what I thought. Watching through Season 3 at the moment and just watched 54-"Lyoko Minus One", where there is no return. I'll report back once I've been through the season (Season 3 is only 13 episodes, so shouldn't take long).
02:11:28 PM May 13th 2012
And the verdict is... William's memory is of the episode "The Secret", which happens to be the one where they decide not to induct him into the group and therefore use a return to the past. This listing is correct. I shall now return to my box :P
01:51:01 AM Aug 8th 2011
Designated Target: it makes perfect sense for XANA to pick on Yumi. Although he would rather attack Jeremie, he's almost always guarded by Odd and Ulrich. Yumi, meanwhile, is a grade above the others, and is a day student who walks (bikes?) home every evening. She's not the preferred target, but she is the easiest.
07:02:58 AM Jul 23rd 2012
I agree with this.
04:58:35 AM Oct 28th 2010
Anyone else hate how they tease at Jeremy's virtual form in the Season 2 intro yet they never showed it? This show is awesome yet they skipped out on several things.
10:23:53 PM Jul 30th 2010
edited by blackcat
Why are there edits about how the names are formatted? A Wiki Word and a Wiki Word go to the same place. Curly brackets are for a one word title and the CamelCase is for a two or more word title. Why is this an issue?
09:33:02 PM Jun 19th 2010
edited by Carth
I thought this might be good on the new system, and I wanted to add one, (Romantic False Lead), to it, so I brought it over. Feel free to add!

Articles with Code Lyoko pictures:

01:32:42 PM Dec 17th 2011
The pictures have changed for Lingerie Scene, Lotus Position, Romantic False Lead, Sensual Spandex and Unresolved Sexual Tension. Always in movement is the Wiki.

Don't see if there's some new ones on top of my head.