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08:48:33 PM Jan 21st 2015
edited by Premonition45
Now that The Nightly Show is underway, should we link its Funny Moments page to the Daily Show/Colbert Report's funny moments tab?
01:19:13 AM Jan 22nd 2015
Link it from there? Yes.
06:15:30 PM Jan 23rd 2015
The page has been created. Now how do we link them?
02:25:07 AM Jan 24th 2015
A link in the description.
06:37:34 PM Jan 24th 2015
There's folder and link in the Daily Show/Colbert Report/Nightly Show funny tab. Now what?
03:16:07 PM Jan 28th 2015
Somebody has actually created a The Nightly Show funny moments page. Are we still linking?
08:54:14 AM Aug 15th 2013
Shouldn't Jon Stewart have his own Creator page?
09:07:03 PM Aug 1st 2013
Before you dismiss it as silliness, they get some astonishingly important guests
08:41:38 AM Aug 2nd 2013
Well, yes. We all realized that about six or seven years ago.
05:38:19 PM Jun 7th 2013
Clarification question - we aren't having a separate section/page for "The Daily Show with John Oliver", right?
10:29:59 PM Aug 9th 2013
Probably not since he's only doing it temporarily
05:38:06 PM Nov 17th 2011
Would it be too weird to request a character page for this show? I notice that Whose Line has one, and there have been so many correspondents on TDS that a character sheet might be helpful to the uninitiated.
09:37:41 PM Nov 5th 2010
edited by helterskelter
Well...I'm going to remove this bit: "Anyone still claiming he's just a glorified comedian can now officially shut their traps."

I love The Daily Show—Jon Stewart, if I had to pick a political hero (or, at least, a hero relating to politics), would be the guy.

But that line just sounds superior and condescending. If it were TIME magazine, I'd understand, but Ask Really? It's not that I don't agree with it, I just think it's a elitist thing to say. Removed on basis of Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment.
10:05:25 PM Nov 5th 2010
If you're going to remove that, then why ignore the giant love letter preceding it? Shouldn't that be toned down too?

I'm actually in agreement with you in that it seems "superior and condescending," but tonally it was no different from the paragraph above it. It just seems odd to me that you would let that slide and not this.

Not that I want you to add it back in or anything (even though I'm the one who added it, I concede that it was a little over-the-top). But we need to keep the page consistent, don't you think?
06:22:20 PM Nov 6th 2010
edited by helterskelter
Sorry—I removed that because it was a recent addition and not a result of the efforts of thousands of tropers who have seen this page and made it that way. It was also the questionable validity of saying "this generally popular internet website with a particular demographic loves this guy their demographic is targeted towards". Or that Ask is somehow influential or important to sufficiently discredit far more influential or important media (even if I dislike and do not agree with them) saying otherwise.

Honestly, the Internet loves Jon Stewart. Us tropers do, as a whole, too. As pointed out above, Wiki Magic defines what is good and bad. If universally we seem to love him, the page will reflect that. Same way we hate North.

It's not that I wouldn't argue for a bit more of a neutral-but-still-positive article, I just don't think I'm up to that endeavor.
06:34:30 PM Nov 6th 2010
The Ask Men list is decided by millions of people voting, not an arbitrary committee. That should make it somewhat influential, especially given the fact that the opinions expressed by major media do not often reflect the views of the people (as Stewart himself often points out).
06:53:00 PM Nov 6th 2010
edited by helterskelter
That's not my point—my point is that it's targeted towards a specific demographic (young, unmarried college-aged men) and The Daily Show is extremely popular in that demographic. There were also about half a million votes, according to the site.
09:53:48 PM Sep 20th 2010
Can we edit this a bit so that it doesn't sound like something written by a kiss-ass?
05:45:52 PM Sep 21st 2010
Most articles sound like that. Anyway, what would you change, anonymous angry guy?
06:42:15 PM Oct 5th 2010
Wiki magic: if it actually did suck, troper consensus would mark it as such. That they haven't is probably indicative of something.
02:01:55 AM Aug 5th 2011
Note to TC: It annoys this troper, too, but that's how things tend to turn out here on Tropes. Most members are liberal and ergo they'll write pages that amount to love-letters for Liberal pundits, including assholes like Olbermann, while writing hateful diatribes regarding conservative pundits.

There's no point in trying to wage an Edit War over liberal pundits here on tropes.

This conservative troper just avoids the liberal pundits and just tries to make sure that the partisan BS doesn't leak into the conservative pundits' pages.
07:54:16 AM Aug 25th 2011
edited by Malchus
Yeah, sure, rant about partisan BS while you're basically calling most tropers as liberal suck-ups. Because liberal pages have never been vandalized, right? And conservative pages have never contained Take Thats at other political stances at all, right? Nice.

Funny thing about being on a high horse—you leave an obvious trail of shit.
10:56:06 AM Dec 6th 2011
edited by marcellX
Most members have never even visit a political page on TV tropes. Believe it or not most are here for the "tropes" and how they fall into "TV" (hence TV tropes) or anything related to that (movies, comics etc.)
12:39:38 PM Sep 15th 2010
Shout out: In the 9/14 episode, Jon is making a ramen noodle, noose. Do you think he's senn ranma 1/2
01:00:11 PM Sep 15th 2010
10:44:14 PM Oct 4th 2010
It's doubtful that Jon has, but there is a sizable staff of writers. Good odds that at least one is an anime geek.
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