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04:00:12 PM Oct 20th 2015
So, anyone remember that guide on how to live with a Yandere? It was on the analysis page, but it now once more is a dead end. If someone (possibly even the creator) could go and replace it, that would be splendid.
06:29:13 PM May 25th 2015
Can the Yandere be platonic? I'm pretty sure that she has to be in love with him or it doesn't count but there's recently been a platonic example added.
09:51:47 AM Dec 8th 2014
Out of all the things a yandere could do, which do you think is worse? Threatening/killing the person's family and loved ones, threatening/hurting/killing that same person, or forcing them to love the yandere (via hypnosis or magical powers)?
08:26:36 PM Sep 24th 2014
How do you pronounce it?
08:04:04 PM Jun 11th 2014
Is this trope comparable to Crazy Jealous Guy?
06:55:14 AM Jun 12th 2014
Yes but much more extreme.
05:58:20 PM Sep 19th 2013
seems the page has been locked due to people repeatedly putting images on the main page
06:25:24 PM Sep 19th 2013
I think it was a combination of that, and the fact there's no need for it to be unlocked. No need to change the description (since it's been established), no need to add examples (since those go on subpages).

Not much of a point in anyone editing this page without a mod checking it out, you know?
08:07:09 PM Sep 19th 2013
Maybe we can put a rule that says no putting an image on the main page, unless if the Image Picking thread finally finds an image suitable for the trope. I mean the Tsundere page is unlocked.
05:59:20 PM Sep 15th 2013
When does the Yandere main page no longer have a picture?
12:31:44 AM Sep 16th 2013
10:49:46 AM Sep 9th 2013
I think we should add Tharja from Fire Emblem Awakening to the Video Game section.
10:52:16 AM Sep 9th 2013
Never Mind. I missed her entry the first time I read the page. Sorry.
03:20:08 PM Jul 23rd 2013
Is there a way to play this trope sympathetically?
12:46:47 AM Jul 24th 2013
Make the girl an abused child who doesn't know how to express love properly and is terrified of losing the one good person in her life, perhaps?
11:20:33 AM Sep 26th 2012
Should we do a work shop on how to make Yandere better? Or maybe add a page image?
11:49:46 AM Sep 26th 2012
This page has medium-specific subpages, so images go on those.
05:41:31 PM Sep 10th 2013
edited by
True, but I still doesn't see why that rules out using Yuno on the main page. By that line of reasoning, no main page should have an image attached to it because each one has medium specific sub-pages. Clearly, more characters call to mind the trope than others.
01:11:41 AM Sep 6th 2012
Well played with the in-character integration of No real Life Examples :D
04:06:24 PM Aug 2nd 2012
Unless I'm misunderstanding this trope, the examples need some cleaning up. People seem to have ignored the "dere" part and just listed any example of violent, obsessive love.
10:22:34 AM Feb 16th 2013
You're not misunderstanding the trope. The Other Wiki says that it means a person who is initially very loving, caring, and gentle to someone (or at least innocent) they really, truly like and care for a lot before their romantic devotion becomes mentally destructive in nature. The trope page even says that the Yandere is sweet outside, crazy inside. This can really use a TRS.
07:57:17 PM Mar 19th 2012
its come to my attention that something along the lines of

"What's that, sweetie? You don't know what a yandere is? Well, I'll make this page, just for you, then"

has been added and deleted a few times, i am worried this is an edit war and we should make a decision here, instead of adding or removing it ourselves, and then we just leave the line there or leave the page without the line. I would hate for another page to get on the Locked Pages list.
08:15:31 AM Dec 10th 2011
Why does this trope, which is thousands of years older than anime and is in no way exclusive to Japanese culture, have a cutesy Japanese anime name?
10:54:53 AM Jan 30th 2012
Pop culture reference, like nearly every title. Plus a cutesy name for a murdering, obsessive psycho is amusing.
06:34:52 AM Feb 4th 2012
But it's a very obscure reference to a narrow segment of pop culture, one that most readers will not understand.
01:30:38 PM Feb 12th 2012
Lol, Vidor.

Just, lol.
04:13:16 AM Apr 26th 2012
I agree with Vidor. This is an English language wiki, after all.
03:32:44 PM Aug 27th 2012
I suppose you could have Yandere link to a page with a different name. Schadenfreude links to comedic sociopathy after all.

Note: I actually would prefer Schadenfreude as its own trope, but if we're doing things consistently, well, it is what it is.
05:10:53 PM Jul 26th 2016
The name is pretty terrible. Why does this site pander to idiots who want esoteric names for no reason?
08:04:54 PM Oct 12th 2011
Half the entries aren't even yandere!

While a male yandere is automatically not a "true yandere" I can make exceptions if they actually would follow the yandere type. (Russia is not a yandere holy shit get him OUT YANGIRE IS NOT THE SAME THING)

A Yandere would NOT kill the object of her affection. Ever. There is no what-ifs. They only kill the people around them. Yanderes are always mentally unstable. If they're not unstable and they're just "obsessive" or a stalker, then that's what they are. Yandere literally means "mentally ill love".

Someone mentioned a "self-destructive" flavor. This should replace "possessive" seeing as KILLING YOUR BELOVED MAKES YOU NOT A YANDERE. Besides the fact ALL YANDERE ARE POSSESSIVE.

Thirdly, Yanderes have to BE IN LOVE. If they aren't in love and aren't crazy FOR the person they love, they're not yandere. Crazy BECAUSE of a loved one is NOT YANDERE.

Yanderes never stop loving their beloved. If that happens or they "give up" on them, they aren't yandere. Yandere women will do anything for their loves. Anything. If this is not the case they are not a yandere and they don't belong here.

Finally, if they're just crazy, they're a yangire. If they don't fit in with the yandere subtype, they're yangire. Please don't mix the two up. (Aka, Rena from Higurashi is not a yandere because she is not in love with Keiichi, she is YANGIRE.)
12:25:37 PM Dec 12th 2011
12:04:05 PM Nov 14th 2012
Yandere only target their beloved if: 1. All rivals are already dead, or at least out of the way if they're slightly merciful. 2. Their beloved is still cheating with random girls OR stil infatuated with a dead rival. 3. If they try to escape.

Russia is not a yandere. I agree there.
11:47:45 PM Jul 31st 2016
10:24:43 AM Sep 24th 2011
edited by PKFL_531
There should be a third flavour of Yandere;

Self-Destructive - This type of Yandere is willing to kill him/herself in order to be closer to her loved one or due to psychological grief at the idea of his/her loved one not being in love with him/her.
05:50:31 PM Oct 23rd 2011
Are there quite a few examples of such?
03:00:53 PM Feb 20th 2012
Sorry, I just realized that there was a separate trope for this one, Spurned into Suicide...
11:24:38 PM Jul 22nd 2011
OK, who took most of the self-demonstratingness out of this article?
08:36:19 AM Jul 23rd 2011
Fast Eddie.
06:03:32 PM Jul 25th 2011
But, but I liked it when it was more self-demonstrating!
06:46:12 PM Jul 29th 2011
I agree! This was my favorite self-demonstrating article. What the fuck was that for, Fast Eddie?
08:13:52 PM Aug 15th 2011
Probably the yandere article wasn't readable. Many, if not most, self-demonstrating articles are
09:59:04 PM Jul 11th 2011
Yikes! That's one creepy picture even without the ax. Just her blank look is scary enough!
10:30:13 PM Mar 16th 2011
So, that link to the "Guide on how to win a Yandere and live with her" doesn't seem to be working. The original thread no longer exists, and someone put up a link to a Google cached version of it, but that link doesn't seem to work now, either. I'm afraid I don't know how Google's caches work, so someone with more knowledge than I might want to see if they can dig it up again, if we still want to have a link to that thread.
05:04:31 PM Oct 14th 2010
Would Richard Schmidt fall into this category? He intentionally infected his former lover with HIV and Hep C as revenge for her leaving him, but I'm not sure if that'd be psycho love or an abuse trope.
09:15:29 PM Mar 5th 2011
P!nk's music video "Please Don't Leave ME"
07:17:50 PM Jul 21st 2011
@Puff2 That's a revenge trope, as you stated.
04:58:59 AM Sep 8th 2010
How are we able to get this into a self-demonstrating example like the sister trope Tsundere?
08:18:45 AM Jul 30th 2010
No male Yanderes? What?! Try APH's Russia. Definitely not shota or bishi, and definitely Yandere. KOLKOLKOLKOL
07:16:22 PM Jul 21st 2011
Russia's already near insane and sadist, and who would he be attracted to in terms of romance that are obviously canon? What's kol?
07:05:07 PM May 23rd 2010
edited by NotSuperman
I think this trope should get a name change like The Medea or Obsessively in love with you or hell even Fatal Attraction
09:08:49 PM Dec 20th 2010
Honestly? If it's named in Wikipedia, then there shouldn't be a need for a name change over here. It's a valid term.
07:14:10 PM Jul 21st 2011
edited by MikaruKeiko
@Not Superman The problem with your examples is that 'The Medea' is going to hit the TRS as it is named after something from an obscure franchise and the second, 'OILWY' would generally be initialized like that and then there's acronym problems. The third reminds people of a romantic Walking Disaster. If it needs to be changed, try Psychotic Attraction or Obsessive Romance.

@Sixty Eight There's been several changes even if there on Wiki
12:53:56 AM May 15th 2010
Has anyone taken a good look into the Yandere Trooper Tales section? Seriously, the number of articles that genuinly deal with Love-Crazy, Love-makes-you-Evil, True-Blue Yanderes, and the number of people that deal that just thinks it's a cute anime term for an Over-Protective Mate are kinda staggering difference wise.

I feel a bit hypocritical for putting an example I know in after I post this.
11:28:29 AM May 13th 2010
How come this entry doesn't have a little book icon at the top for Troper Tales even though it has a Troper Tales entry? D:
04:51:40 AM May 1st 2010
I am not sure if Medea actually does conform to this trope. Within the context of her society and situation her actions were not all that inexplicable. Additionally, her worst crimes (the murders of her own sons) were committed out of hatred for her husband, rather than love.
07:15:01 PM Jul 17th 2010
She was totally crazy for Jason. She stealthily murders her brother (for pursing the Argo) and get's Jason's cousins to kill his uncle (for not stepping down from the throne) for Jason. Both were crimes which horrified the gods, and she committed them for Jason. Oh, and if you still don't think she's a jealous lover: she set Jason's chosen bride (not her, which obviously pissed her off) on fire.
02:45:45 PM Mar 29th 2010
edited by forrestchump
How is "Every Breath You Take" Nightmare Fuel? I've heard that song millions of times and find it quite catchy :-|
10:02:53 AM Jul 16th 2010
02:00:54 PM Mar 17th 2010
edited by antvasima
Ranma Examples/Discussion:

Started by removal of:

"most notably Shampoo a cute and cheerful girl who adheres to the mantra of "Obstacles are for killing." Fanon also has it that Kasumi is one, thanks to a few extremely rare "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" flashes of anger."

The following discussion resulted:
  • Shampoo is not a Yandere- she is openly violent because she's an Amazon- not because of her obsession with Ranma. Kasumi is not a Yandere either, not even in (most) Fanon because she is not romantically involved. When Kasumi is depicted as violent or dangerous it's a case of Beware The Nice One.
  • If any of the Ranma crew qualifies for Yandere it would be Ukyou. She tries to be the perfect woman for Ranma, and is quite nice and friendly. However, when we first meet her she has denounced her femininity to hunt Ranma down and kill him for abandoning her after getting engaged. He calls her cute and suddenly she wants to marry him again. When Akane and Ranma are going to get married Ukyou shows up at the wedding throwing exploding foodstuffs. However, (like many Yanderes) Ukyou is a fan favorite (heck, even I like her) and adding her as an example will no doubt start a flame war. This might be a problem with the Yandere trope as real Yanderes are not simply violent, they are violent personalities concealed by a Yamato Nadeshiko or similar surface personality.
    • When Ukyo first shows up, she's partially noticable as NOT being as ridiculously violent as, say, Shampoo. I'm still watching through about the 5th TV season, and the manga's probably different, but my impression is that she's generally helpful towards the Tendou's, even Akane on occasion, and that if she's a Yandere, it's probably just due to flanderization.
      • True. Ukyo doesn't really hide a violent personality behind another one, like Shampoo she's completely upfront about competing for Ranma's affection, it just so happens that the only way to do that (as with everything else in the series), is through martial arts. There are no Yanderes in Ranma really, unless you go into deep tertiary character territory with someone like Gosunkugi.
      • Yanderes are usually nice and avoid physical confrontation until after they decide they are being rejected. Ukyo doesn't show as much Yandere in the anime, since we never get to see her try to seriously injure or kill Akane in order to break up the wedding. However, there is the whole episode with the Secret Sauce where Ukyo decides to give up okonomiyaki to be Ranma's wife. She becomes the ultimate Yamato Nadeshiko, until she starts to crack and begins cooking Ranma in her sleep. Ranma claims to married to Akane and sleeps in her room. Ukyo dismisses it as a fling, and assures him she knows he'll always come back to her. Hints of Yandere behavior there.

      • Lets go through the check marks
        • Ukyo is clearly obsessed with Ranma, check box one. Ukyo has a nice personality and tries to court Ranma by being the nice cute, less violent fiance, check box two. When rejected Ukyo becomes very violent, when we first meet her when she's out to beat the tar out of Ranma (and maybe kill him, that spatula is sharp) for abandoning her and breaking their engagement. She stops only when she thinks he's open to keeping the engagement. When Ranma is getting married she assumes it is against his will and violently attacks the bride- despite the fact that everybody can tell Akane is Ranma's favorite. Check box number three. Now I'll grant that Ukyo is perhaps less crazy violent then some Yanderes (like Kaede for example), but of all the Ranma girls, she has to be the closest. Just read over the description of Yandere point by point and she if Ukyo doesn't have those things, particularly the last line.

Shampoo generally acts upbeat, friendly, and affectionate around Ranma (and most fans somehow also only see as far as her figure), but will repeatedly show her more manipulative side such as in the instant Jusenkyo powder date (has great fun manipulating and messing with Ranma for a supposed cure she knows full well doesn't work), the Taro arc (pretending to be there to help, but really only intending to asssassinate a bound and gagged Akane when nobody is looking), the Pink&Link story (revealed as a consummate bully who has regularly beaten up both the bad and nicer twin since they were small, casually reflects poison gas on her customers, and forces the twins to set up a dangerous pretense rescue mission for Ranma to "romantically save her"), and will gladly try to assassinate any obstacle in her path, including romantic rivals (Akane, Ukyo, Nabiki, Hinako). She's considerably more extreme than Ukyo, who at least never states an intent to kill anybody (but did state that she has no qualms about trying to scare rivals off by attacking them), has shown genuine compassion and generosity towards others, and tends to somewhat favour non-violent plots. Manga Shampoo on the other hand is consistently shown as genuinely evil, and as far as I understand the Yandere definition far more fit for the category than someone like Kuno, who always acts the same way, and never manipulatively.
10:51:42 AM Mar 20th 2010
edited by antvasima
Double post
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