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02:35:33 PM Jan 22nd 2017
If this isn't just about fan portrayals, then what distinguishes it from other gender-bending tropes? Isn't the point of having Gender Flip, Distaff Counterpart, etc. not to have one big trope that lists all of them?
01:54:54 AM Apr 7th 2014
Supposedly Rule 63 is about fan-made gender-swaps. Yet many of the examples on the page are canon. It contains pretty much all variations: cross-dressing, gender-bending, gender-flipping, distaff counterparts... I think the page should be soft-split or what-have-you.
06:47:32 AM Mar 31st 2012
Does this rule a specific corollary regarding porn of actual Gender Bending characters, like Ranma Saotome?
11:33:23 AM Feb 15th 2012
I can't help but disagree with this rule. I looked on Deviant ART but I couldn't find any female versions of Calvin and Hobbes.
09:04:27 PM Oct 10th 2012
Give them time.
07:03:27 PM Apr 6th 2014
There are plenty of examples I could cite... if I took the time to remember, that do not meet Rule 63.
10:21:27 AM Dec 5th 2011
...How is there an Image Links Wiki subpage for Crossover Ship but not for this trope?
10:38:40 AM Dec 5th 2011
Because someone made an Imagelinks Wiki subpate for Crossover Ship, but not for this trope.
10:30:27 AM Oct 25th 2011
Cleaned up Natter regarding One Piece. If you think I did a bad job (and I probably did), you are allowed to do better.
03:24:17 AM Sep 10th 2011
Which episode is the Generator Rex example form? And is that supposed to be Rex and Noah?
12:10:30 AM Sep 6th 2011
I really dont know how or if or what, but Baldurs Gate's Edwin shouldnt be in the Video Games section, as the game itself produces Edwina? Though they dont coexist.
09:53:32 AM Sep 6th 2011
Edwin/Baldur's Gate doesn't appear to be in ANY section at present, nor do I see a deleted example from the History.
10:06:42 AM Aug 29th 2011
A book series I'm helping out with is gonna do this on purpose, and the character it has a variant of will either marry it or Kill It with Fire... Depends on what I'm in the mood for, either happiness or depression for the counterpart.

So please, save your version of the Inventor/Sorcerer until the end of the last book
11:52:42 PM Jun 12th 2011
Someone needs to create a name for the opposite of rule 63. It's rarer but it exists. I remember encountering a few gender-swapped Sailor Moon doujinshis on the net in the early 2000s, & of course there's always DeviantArt.

Unless of course the Gender Swap trope excludes all female versions of male characters.
10:14:54 AM Dec 5th 2011
Rule 63 technically applies both ways.
06:21:50 AM Dec 29th 2010
Except for Chuck Norris, that is, by rule of Rule Sixty-One.

I think this needs clarification and explanation. Not knowing what Rule Sixty-One is supposed to be, I googled it and found at least three different "Internet Rules" using that number (and one Federal Rule of Civil Procedure, which presumably isn't what we're talking about.)
08:07:59 PM Feb 3rd 2011
Not even Chuck Norris. Rule Sixty-One lied to you.

People overlooked that rule. To the point that it was never put on the list.
03:02:26 PM Jun 8th 2011
Technically, there is an exception to Rule 63 though. Chrona from Soul Eater. That is all.
09:03:44 AM Mar 1st 2013
I thought Zeratul from Starcraft and Starcraft 2 was an exception to rule 63, though. At least I can't find any pictures.
12:20:32 PM Mar 2nd 2013
Ambiguous Gender characters and don't say that Vendince.
08:13:36 PM Jun 2nd 2010
Soul eater recently swapped the genders of many of the characters in the manga. Should that be mentioned?
02:53:07 PM Oct 17th 2010
Only if the mangaka is a "fan" of Soul Eater. Though, in this case, it's something that did NOT arise from the internet, so it's hard to judge.
03:14:10 PM Oct 17th 2010
edited by suedenim
I don't think there can be a totally hard-and-fast rule one way or the other. The way I think of it is sort of "Did this get a big reaction out of fans, such that it had a life beyond that story?"

For instance, the Gender Bender issue of Guy Gardner - people liked it and all, but by and large, nobody's doing much with the "female Guy" concept.

OTOH, the "Captain America and Iron Man" example was a minor gag in one story, but one that seemed to set off a lot of fans' imaginations.

Both come out of "official" stories, in other words, but in one case, the fans went off and ran with it, which puts it in this trope.
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