Tropers / Stong Radd

Mark: We're in a webcomic video game. Science doesn't apply here.
Excerpt from Stong Radd's webcomic-to-be on how Science Is Wrong

All I know about myself currently is that 13 is my lucky number. And that I should edit this page more often.

  • Real Name: Marzwilk24x *surname censored for security*
  • Age: 18 (As of 2013/04/01, all celebrations of his birthday has been moved to April 2 for obvious reasons. As of 2014/04/01, he might call it March 32 indefinitely and say that his birthday is on *airquote* "March 32".)
  • Good Point: Intelligent
  • Bad Point: Worries from time to time
  • Likes: Fandoms

This troper provides examples of:

  • Third-Person Person: Downplayed; some of this page had me referring to myself in first person, some has him referring to himself in third person.

Things Stong Radd Can No Longer Do With A Webcomic provides examples of:

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