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03:15:24 PM Oct 4th 2015
If Growing The Beard has actual examples, this should too.
12:17:13 AM Oct 5th 2015
That one's a positive YMMV item. We don't treat these the same way as negative ones.
01:31:20 PM Jun 16th 2015
edited by IndirectActiveTransport
I'm pretty sure Jumping the Shark only applies to a moment that kills a show, as the original jump the shark did. If you win the crowd back, the shark was not jumped. At least that's how I remember the page being typed up before I looked at it just now. edit:It still has that same "only in hindsight", picture, which clashes with the description.

I recall nuking the fridge was rejected a long time ago, back when that then new Indiana Jones movie came out, even made into a redirect specifically to stop being using it as a separate term. So why is it being used in the description?

I think this begs a rewrite.
08:55:30 AM Oct 16th 2014
Why is this page YMMV? Examples are exclusively In-Universe only so it really shouldn't be considered YMMV.
09:23:07 AM Oct 16th 2014
Because many of the wicks still use it as an Audience Reaction.
09:26:48 AM Oct 16th 2014
So it's allowed to be wicked as an Audience Reaction?
09:47:27 AM Oct 16th 2014
Preferably not, since the misuse was what restricted this page to IUEO in the first place.
03:30:20 AM Aug 4th 2014
Still pissed off - several years on - that the original Jump The Shark website went down the tubes the way it did after it was bought out by TV Guide. who junked years of dedicated writing and site-building and kept only the name. Jump The jumped the shark after the TV Guide buy-out and butchery...
07:26:00 AM Aug 4th 2014
Whatchu gonna do? Sadly, bad happen in life. Not sure how this is relevant to the article though.
09:09:07 AM Aug 4th 2014
Yeah, let's not turn discussion pages into Troper Tales. That is not what they are for.
01:24:50 AM Jul 18th 2014
Is the image supposed to have little alternating triangles of transparency and opacity?
01:48:31 AM Jul 18th 2014
No. What does it look like to you?
02:37:18 AM Aug 30th 2014
It looks fine as it is on the page, but in Google search results the transparent sections are black.
04:43:27 AM Aug 30th 2014
That's a screwyness in the Google search. I don't think we can do anything about it.
07:51:39 PM Dec 21st 2013
Is this site going to create an article for "Nuke the Fridge"? Sorry if I didn't post this right, I'm new here.
01:04:02 AM Dec 22nd 2013
This isn't the appropriate discussion area, but I'm not sure exactly what would be.

Nuke The Fridge was cut, remade, pointed to Ruined Forever, made into its own trope page, redirected here again... it's too controversial and is gone for good.
06:09:15 AM Dec 22nd 2013
Okay, thanks for letting me know.
06:51:23 AM Dec 22nd 2013
You can view the article listed on the Permanent Red Link Club, which it'll likely never be delisted from.
08:10:13 PM Dec 22nd 2013
Thanks, that's cool!
09:32:35 PM Apr 11th 2013
Do we really need the caption for this trope's picture? I feel like the picture's obvious enough on its own.
02:09:52 AM Apr 18th 2013
I hate to admit it, but I actually didn't get it until I saw the Visual Pun pothole.
09:14:01 PM Mar 19th 2013
The real change that ruined Happy Days for many was Richie leaving and the show becoming about Joanie and Chachi. Happy Days still had plenty of it's best moments after the Shark incident.
12:46:16 PM Jan 31st 2013
I get that this page is for in-universe examples only, but is it okay to add examples that aren't in-universe to a work's YMMV page?
03:10:28 AM Mar 12th 2013
Chainsaw with extreme prejudice. JTS is easily the most subjective article on the site. One person's "shark jumping" moment could be another person's favorite.
02:20:09 PM Jul 10th 2012
This page makes no sense. I understand that it's a subjective trope and examples should go on YMMV pages, but why is there an examples section at all? How can this kind of trope have In-Universe examples? Unless a character in-universe is watching a show and says "They jumped the shark, now", there is no point for an examples section. The examples listed are nothing more than Lampshade Hanging, or literal examples of people "jumping sharks", something that isn't unheard of for stunts or daredevils.
07:14:09 AM Oct 26th 2012
Yeah, there's no point in having an examples section at all. The stuff that IS there doesn't qualify for YMMV at all either.
11:47:55 AM Nov 11th 2012
Is it just me, or did my original response disappear? No matter.

Since the page lists examples of Lampshade Hanging (itself a valid trope), there's no harm in keeping the examples on this page. There are many examples of characters in works calling reference to the phenomenon, which in itself is an oft-used term in pop-culture lexicon.

Sounds like (as per many TVT users) you just want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The references section is fine, and doesn't need fixing.
01:58:31 PM May 16th 2012
If there are "no examples please", whaddya call all the examples listed in the sections?!? This page makes no sense.
03:21:12 PM May 16th 2012
Fictional examples. The exact reference is real life.
10:18:48 AM Mar 29th 2012
Shouldn't someone add Two And A Half Men? I mean, we end up replacing Charlie, who we all can agree was the spirit of the Show....... Just to Replace him with Ashton Kutcher....
10:21:42 AM Mar 29th 2012
No. Only references to the trope are allowed.
01:27:38 PM Mar 2nd 2012
The example section for this trope is a pointless joke. I motion that we remove it.
02:02:41 PM Mar 2nd 2012
I, for one, do not agree with this motion.
09:16:55 AM Mar 28th 2012
In-universe examples are completely valid, and work as a way to compile all the references to the trope in popular culture.

However, as I stated last year, it is not relevant for straight examples (due to it already having failed on another site that was expressly dedicated to it).
05:51:59 PM Dec 8th 2011
Is it possible for anime to jump the shark? (I ask because I don't see any anime examples at all.) If it is possible, then I'd like to posit a possible example from the anime genre: the recent revelation in One Piece that Princess Shirahoshi is the weapon Poseidon.
04:48:42 PM Feb 24th 2012
What part of "in-universe only, no examples please" is unclear?
01:58:04 PM May 16th 2012
If there are no examples please, whaddya call all the examples listed in the sections?!?
06:20:34 PM Feb 15th 2013
We call them in-universe references. The examples section isn't for when we think shows have jumped the shark, it's when the shows reference the trope in-universe.
01:42:40 PM Jul 16th 2011
Who removed the page quote? I don't remember it accurately enough to reprint it, and I have no idea where it came from, but I DO remember that it was funny as hell. Is there any way to find it again?
02:01:35 PM Jul 16th 2011
I replaced said quote (for future reference, recently cut stuff is normally in the history). But I think another quote might be more fitting, since what the quote is describing is probably Sequelitis.

Jump the Shark is something that, in the platonic ideal, should apply to single serial works, preferably Long-Runners. The Trope Namer happened when Reverse Cerebus Syndrome combined with the Fonz's Marty Stu status became too clear.
05:13:37 PM Nov 4th 2010
edited by Danlemagne
Sorry, double post.
05:13:32 PM Nov 4th 2010
Is there some reason there's no Anime and Manga section here? Just wondering.
07:09:03 AM Nov 13th 2010
It's an English-language internet meme based on a US show. The phrase probably isn't that well known in Japan.
01:53:00 PM May 16th 2012
But it still applies to certain manga and anime!
12:53:01 PM Jan 31st 2013
Yes, but as has been pointed out several times, this page is only for listing in-universe references. It doesn't matter whether the viewers think a show has jumped the shark or not. And if you know any in-universe references from manga or anime, well, This Is A Wiki.
11:31:14 AM Oct 17th 2010
After Ianto and the rest of the gang were killed off brutally and without logical cause, the DW spinoffs became dead to me.

Has anyone else had a show ruined for them when their characters where chopped?
12:02:54 PM Sep 24th 2010
Doesn't this trope qualify as a Subjective Trope? Very often, what one fan considers a show's shark-jumping moment, another may consider its beard-growing moment.
06:30:26 PM Jan 15th 2011
It may be a subjective trope, but that won't stop people from flooding the page (and any eventual subpages) with discussion and dissenting views on at what point a show "jumped the shark".

I used to be a user on the original, and I saw bad things got over (in terms of both page size and arguments between users over different moments - the page for Lost was like a battlefield). Trying to integrate that sort of system into this site would require an entirely new index, and would make it the most subjective article on the site, bar none.
12:20:54 PM Sep 3rd 2010
Shouldnt this have a troper tales section so we can get examples of less literal shark jumping
12:25:17 PM Sep 3rd 2010
edited by Komodin
02:28:23 PM Jan 12th 2011
Oh, so Tropers are brainless flamers now? I don't see why not, since the So Okay, It's Average Troper Tales section has been doing well for quite a lot of time.
12:01:12 AM Jan 19th 2013
Yes, tropers are generally brainless flamers when given the opportunity. You'll notice that Troper Tales is no longer around.
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