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04:41:43 PM Jan 11th 2013
Just outta curiosity aaand I don't know if this has been asked already, but...Why isn't it just called "Jackass"? "Jerkass" while kinda quirky and I GUESS somewhat interesting isn't really to prevalent in the lexicon...
01:06:46 AM Jan 12th 2013
Jackass/jerkass may be a regional difference.
10:54:45 PM Oct 17th 2012
edited by scarmiglione4
posted in wrong place, methinks
09:32:34 PM Sep 8th 2011
edited by battosaijoe
Again about the quote.

We have two options here.

Subject 1:
Sometimes I park in handicapped spaces
While handicapped people make handicapped faces
I'm an asshole!
Denis Leary, Asshole

Subject 2:
"You seem unhappy. I like that."
Janitor, Scrubs

As you can tell by the discussion above, I like the Denis quote better. Why? Because it expressly tells about someone doing something Jerkassish just for the sake of being a jerkass, and doing it to multiple people that he doesn't know, as well as having the added bonus of matching some of the redirects. Insofar as the second quote goes, it just like it could be aimed at a single target, when insofar as I'm aware, being a Jerkass is about being a Jerkass to everyone. The Scrubs quote doesn't show the "everyone" bit.

That said, what does everyone else think?
10:34:59 AM Sep 13th 2011
...ooookay. It's been five days. I'm gonna re-add the Denis quote then since no one has replied.
06:15:51 AM Apr 3rd 2011
edited by battosaijoe
Okay, so the old page quote was as follows:

Why do you put so much energy into pissing people off?
Kagura (to Tomo), Azumanga Daioh

It got replaced in August of 2010 with this:

Sometimes I park in handicapped spaces
While handicapped people make handicapped faces
I'm an asshole.
Denis Leary, Asshole

The original change was somewhat misspelled and misquoted, but a few edits later and it was good to go. Later on, an xkcd quote and the original Azumanga Daioh page quote got added as secondary page quotes, but were told by Camacan to move it to the quotes page. The page quote was then reverted back to the Azumanga Daioh after 7 months (I suppose someone /really/ wants it on the front page).

Now, with the history stated for the record, I reverted it back because I honestly believe that the Denis Leary quote is a much better example of Jerkass-yness than a quote of someone asking someone else why they put so much energy into pissing people off. Why? Because it provide a concrete example of Jerkass behavior via parking in handicap spaces to piss handicapped people off. The Azumanga Daioh quote is just a question implying Jerkass behavior.

So, with my reasoning as to why I changed it back stated, does anyone have anything to add? If everyone likes the Azumanga Daioh better, then I will happily revert it back myself, or if someone pulls out a better quote, then again, I will happily change it myself, since this is not MY wiki. All I ask is that it not get reverted or changed until discussion is made on it.
07:34:07 AM Apr 3rd 2011
I believe the Azumanga Daioh quote is Fan Myopia on the part of people liking the show, it doesn't show the trope, and is the quote equivalent of Just a Face and a Caption. The Leary quote, and the entire song, is much more an example of being a Jerkass.
05:12:29 PM Nov 4th 2010
No Real Life examples? Why here?
02:07:46 PM Apr 4th 2013
Because there are so many listing them all would be pointless.
05:51:27 PM May 31st 2010
"Every other word out of his mouth is "Shut up" or "I'll kill you." In the first episode of the second season, his companions are thrilled to realize that there is a fake Sanzo beating up the real Sanzo and ditch their fakes they were fighting to go watch. Despite being a Buddhist monk, he will often refuse to chant sutras or preach, instead demanding free food and lodging from temples."

Removed this because it's inaccurate. Though mileage does vary, Sanzo's biggest problem is his caustic rudeness, compared to all the other examples where there's stuff like attempted rape and much crossing of moral event horizons. Sanzo also repeatedly demonstrates, sometimes right after being really rude, that he's actually a decent guy (reacting with an expression of horror when he finds out his former temple was attacked after he left, encouraging Hakkai during the Chin Yiso arc, rescuing and then refusing to abandon Goku, not leaving a feast even though he wanted to, because a little girl asked, not wanting to die for someone else because he knows it sucks to be the person left behind, and on and on). Since he keeps showing that he actually does care about his companions and their emotional health, his inclusion in this trope seem like shoehorning.

And the final bit about Buddhist monks is particularly wrong, since asking for free food and lodging was actually how traveling Buddhist monks survived back then. If you visited a temple, they were equally supposed to offer free food and lodging, especially to a monk as high ranking as Sanzo. More importantly, Sanzo has actually never demanded free food and lodging, he always pays with his credit card (except in one omake, where he lost the thing).
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